What do you get when you take a real person and a roulette wheel, put them in front of a HD webcam and then beam their actions to thousands of online and mobile players around the world? The answer: the Smart Live Casino mobile app.

Expanding the online casino’s online platform into the mobile arena and giving players the ability to play a variety of entertaining (and potentially lucrative) games on the go, the Smart Live app comes in two main forms: Smart Live Casino Mobile and Smart Live Casino Live Roulette.


For those that enjoy the cut and thrust of virtual casino gaming, the Smart Live Casino Mobile app is the obvious choice. Picking up on what Smart Live’s online casino games lobby started, the mobile app allows Android and iOS users to play a variety of casino games, including: You can also check True Blue casino no deposit bonus codes.

  • Slots, including: Starburst, Tomb Raider and South Park
  • Table Games, including: Roulette, European Blackjack Gold, Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold
  • Sports Betting, including pre-game wagers and in-play betting options

As for bringing the world of online gaming to your mobile with an impressive array of games, Smart Live’s app contains a host of features that make accessing this range of options as simple as possible.

Handy Search Functionality

For the greedy gamer the app’s default setting is to show “all games” through a series of tabs. Instead of listing games in a rather bland fashion, Smart Live uses game icons to give players a small preview of the game in question to build up a sense of familiarity and anticipation.

One of the most impressive features of the mobile casino app is the ability to favourite the games you enjoy the most. Touching the relevant game icon will allow you to select the “add to favourites” option and save the game in a separate menu for easy access later.

Beyond this, Smart Live’s app also has the ability to recognise your own patterns and offers a “most played” lobby as well as a “hit games” lobby. This compartmentalisation of games into sections that suit your own desires makes the overall experience highly efficient.

One of the main benefits of playing mobile casino games is that they are instantly accessible, ergonomic and efficient. Smart Live’s mobile developers haven’t overlooked this crucial element of mobile gaming and that’s why the malleable lobbies are a fantastic feature to have access to.

Smart Live Roulette App


For gamers that want to embrace the “live” element of Smart Live’s platform, the roulette app manages to keep everything flowing as smoothly as possible. Instead of forcing a plethora of resource-heavy live dealer roulette games into the main casino app, Smart Live has created a separate app for its most realistic games.

Once you’ve downloaded the app (for Android or iOS) you can switch between the two platforms internally which is extremely handy. Once inside the live roulette the main gaming option is, unsurprisingly, roulette and this game comes in four main forms:

  • Auto Brown Roulette – £1 minimum bet
  • Auto Brown Roulette – £0.25 minimum bet
  • Auto Black Roulette – £1 minimum bet
  • Auto Black Roulette – £0.25 minimum bet

The table you choose will be based on your overall viewing preferences and bankroll, but each one offers a HD stream (that uses RFID chips and the latest webcam technology) which can be toggled off and on using the camera icon in the toolbar.

Naturally, in line with its online product, Smart Live offers welcomes bonuses worth up to £500 for new players as well as a selection of in-game rewards when you’re grinding via your mobile. This generosity, combined with a host of useful search features, make the mobile apps as intuitive as possible which means that anyone (18+) can download, ante-up and have some fun with ease.