Translation has never been easier. Forget about automatic translation that makes the absurd combinations sometimes. New thing is on the market. It is Qtok, the best translator app you can find online. We are not exaggerating when we say the best translator. So many aspects are speaking about that fact. One of them is human approach where you can talk to real people in order to get a quality translation.

Easiness of usage

Getting the app is simple. Just visit the Apple store and find Qtok application. Everything you need is iPod or iPhone with enough memory. The next step is quite surprising. You discover how many people are involved in the app. Users are coming from Canada, India, China and from all other parts of the world. One international experience is guaranteed. Especially when you need a fast help. Searching for the language you want to translate is interesting. Many users will pop up with the specific knowledge about some area. No matter if it is politics, legal, accounting or tourism. There are endless options. Users are listed by the language they speak and by the ratings they have. A special thing about the rating is very useful, because you can check how people rated previous experiences with the user. Contact the person you like and start the conversation.


Positive aspects of the Qtok app are numerous. You do not only get a real translation from native speakers. You also get it at the moments when you need it the most. Sometimes, a waiter in the restaurant wants to explain something you do not understand. It is possible scenario when you are in the foreign country. In those moments, look for the help from Qtok. Contact the favorite user and let the person translate what you need. That side dish sounds amazing, right? Now, you know what the foreigner talks about. One of the best things about the app is that you can actually earn some money. If you speak more than one language, you are more than welcome to participate. Set the rate for one minute of translation and make money while doing something useful. It’s a simple way to earn from the knowledge you have.


Just like any other app, Qtok has some downsides. One of those is minimum amount that you can withdraw to the PayPal account. The app set the amount to 50 euros, which is not easy to reach, especially if you use the app rarely. You can not decide how many gigs you will have, but the more active you are, the more opportunities are arising. However, those 50 euros are not easy to earn, because you need many translations to prove your rating. A better rating means increased rate per minute and more money in the pocket.

Final evaluation

Including all pros and cons is essential in making a final evaluation. Maybe those 50 euros are not easy to reach, but once you make it, things are becoming easier. Reputation is increasing and you make more connections. Whenever you want to get translation or to provide it to someone, Qtok might help you enormously.

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