There are many GPS apps out there in the market, and most of them are quite successful ones. And here comes yet another GPS app with a difference. Unlike most GPS system which works only in online mode, the Raah tracker is something that works in offline mode too. That is, while going on a long trip it is very obvious that chances of a network failure is very high. In that scenario the GPS system will not work as well as you would like it to be. And that is where Raah tracker’s offline capabilities come in very handy. Also with this particular app back ground tracking is possible. Suppose if you get a call during the tracking, you can still attend the call and talk without disturbing the tracking system.


To make the best use of Raah GPS tracking system, you should have an iOS 5.0 and above device. Though it works only on iPhone, it has been tested with iPad too and it seems to work well in it too. But one thing has to be noted, while using Raah GPS tracking system on iPad it should be in 3G mode and not in WiFi mode.

This is how it works:

The user friendly interface of this application allows you to location services of iPhone to keep track of GPS co-ordinates with a single touch start and stop functionality. The distance travelled and speed can be tracked either in miles or in kilometre. The maps adjust automatically as per the screen resolution of iPhone to give you clear tracking information. The application refreshes every 10 seconds to map appropriate routes, which in turn saves your iPhone’s battery charge consumption.

Unlike many other GPS systems, the Raah GPS app seems to have taken a completely different route to succeed. That is, it is a well-known fact that for the GPS system to work properly it has to have good network connectivity. But in most cases connectivity failure could cause serious concerns and we might have to look for alternatives. But in the case of Raah tracker, it does not completely depend upon Network connectivity.

Raah has been programmed in such a way that it can work even at weaker network connectivity using the offline capability. And since this particular app is just a tracker, the users should access the websites to know about the routes and stuffs. You will have easy access to keep track of your speed and other longitudinal co-ordinates. To know more about this application, you should visit the Raah tracker website where you can get to know more about this particular GPS system.


The biggest advantage with Raah GPS tracking system is that, it helps you with smooth travel even when there is a network connectivity problem. Also since it can be run on the background, you can do other operation on your mobile quite easily.


Though it is a very good GSP system, there are few negatives that would bother the user. The main problem with Raah tracking system is the amount of charge it consumes. Though the application refreshes every 10 seconds, it consumes as much as 20% of your charge per hour.

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