Puzzle games have evolved from a simple idea to becoming among the top options on various platforms, including mobile devices. Block puzzles are a significant genre on android phones, attracting millions of downloads. As they offer simple gameplay and challenging quests, the games are ideal for various groups, whether looking for a challenge or simple fun for a pastime. If you are looking for a block puzzle to try on your android phone, you’ll be spoilt for choice as the genre offers an extensive pool of exciting games. Here is a look at five super fun block puzzles you should try.


The game features a combination of Sudoku and block puzzles, a simple and exciting free game you’ll enjoy as you move cube blocks on its 9X9 grid. The gameplay is simple; you match blocks to complete lines and cubes. Once they are matched, they are removed from the board. Your task is to keep the board as clean as possible to keep playing and increase your score. With harder levels coming up, you’ll have a new challenge to look forward to, not just beating your high scores.

Wood Block Puzzle

At about 50MB in size, the block puzzle has attracted 1m+ downloads on android phones. You can confidently download and try the block puzzle game, especially noting the friendly rating of over 4.5/5. Among the top features that make Wood Block Puzzle an ideal addition is its creative and aesthetically appealing interface. Wooden blocks provide a more attractive look compared to other colored blocks. The gameplay is easy, as you only have to drag wooden blocks to fill a row, which then disappears. The trick is to complete more rows with a single drag to score higher while ensuring that you don’t run out of space to move the blocks.

Block Puzzle: Star Gem

Colorful visuals and catchy sound effects aren’t the only highlights while enjoying Block Puzzle: Star Gem. The free game offers relaxed gameplay with no time limit. Perks, such as rotating blocks, make it more fun, as you’ll concentrate, trying to collect as many stars and charge up the booster gauge to enjoy such functionalities. Much like most block puzzles, you score higher if you remove multiple lines with a single drag.

Block Puzzle Gem: Jewel Blast

The block puzzle is quite challenging as you can’t rotate the blocks like in some games. The free block puzzle strategy game requires you to drag and drop jewel blocks, creating full lines vertically or horizontally. If the 10X10 has no more room for incoming blocks, it is game over.

Block! Hexa Puzzle

The block puzzle requires you to arrange blocks to ensure that they all fit in the grid frame. Fitting all the hexagonal pieces fills the board with an attractive seamless blend of colors.  As you can’t rotate the Hexa blocks, the game will push and challenge you as you strive to avoid blockades. The best part is that there is no time limit. Collect as many block pieces as you can to eve up and challenge yourself to a more demanding quest.

Puzzle games are exciting, especially as they require logical reasoning to establish a flow. With the above options, you can dive into the world of block puzzles and find an ideal game that matches your taste.