We constantly want to keep ourselves cool. Stuck up in the busy life schedule, we need something to refresh and relax. When I was searching for this on the App Store, I found Trasa. Trasa helps you to set schedules that remind you to make use of the app. With this, you can forget the stress you have in your life for some time. It gives you an awesome experience that you can’t find elsewhere.

Given by EZR Companies LLC, Trasa belongs to the ‘Health and Fitness’ Category in the App Store. It helps you refresh, focus and relax. Trasa assists you in achieving emotional clarity and calms yourself. It can be tried for free sessions for your whole life and supports your wellness journey. The app has three menu items: myself, info and session with a perfect design that is easy to operate. 

Whenever we need to keep ourselves mentally fit, we need to practice meditation, yoga and other forms. The busy life of ours has put a question on our work-life balance. There are huge demands on productivity and performance and this app lets you relax so that you can improve your physical and mental health. Trasa supports small moments of nothing, which aims to bring the best of something. 

Trasa helps you to achieve an emotional state of mental clarity and calmness. The app’s name comes from the Latin word which means Trasa – clean slate and strength. It is found that, when you become apparent with your sensations with Trasa, it helps you to free and make your mind stronger. I love the sensations that come with this app. All the vibrations that come with the music and artwork are done perfectly. 

Trasa is a free app that is compatible with iOS 13.0 or later versions and Mac OS 11.0 or later and a Mac with an Apple M1 chip. It comes with in-app purchases that come for a price of 60 Chi for one hour for $0.99, 120 Chi for 2 hours for $1.99, 600 Chi for 10 hours for $4.99, 240 Chi for 4 hours for $2.99 and 1200 Chi for 20 hours for $6.99. The team of Trasa is active on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest. It is available in English and is suitable for all those above 4 years of age. 

Download the app today, relax and keep your worries at bay.