The system of using games to stimulate the learning process and make it more efficient and effective has been applied to various groups ranging from children at Montessori levels to adults who undergo a number of team building and other activities by participating in various kinds of games. Games have proven to have the ability to increase both mental and physical skills of a person. Games are now commonly used to enable children with developmental abnormalities to undergo significant transformation. This is because games have a tremendous significance on sensory perception at varied levels.

Numbers are considered to have very intriguing features and characteristics. Various number games have been developed, the most popular among them being Sudoku! A simple game that requires people to fill in each row with the digits from 1 to 9, proved to be challenging and highly addictive to people by being offered at various degrees of expertise and difficulty. Since the wide acceptance and recognition of Sudoku, a number of companies have been involved in developing such intriguing and addictive games using numbers.

The Number Game developed by Aplefly Games for Google play is now considered the most addictive android game next only to Sudoku! It is a very simple, logical android game where the players have to clear out a game field comprised of only numbers. These numbers can be cleared by striking on them as a set of two, if they match or sum up to 10 or are next to each other. The game also provides a demonstration included in the application that allows people to get hold of the game quickly.

It has been offered as a free application and requires an android device to play on. Users of the game have put forth some mixed opinion about the game. Some find it very addictive and interesting, while some look for changes to be made such as increasing the size of the numbers displayed, giving more information about how and when the additional boxes appear etc..

Since the app was developed in a country that does not support paid android applications, is used as carrier based billing to remove the pop-ups and advertisements in the game. So, when the user wants to remove those, SMS will have to be sent to remove them and the user will have to confirm it before it is removed from his game.

The game does prove to be ‘brain bending’ and highly addictive, as it does not require special math skills or calculative abilities to play it. All that is required is brain, logic and focus! And with some more tweaks in their display and other aspects, it will sure give a tough competition for Sudoku!

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