If you are a space enthusiast and would like to take a trip into space, then you can do so with the Rocket Space app. This app for iPhone and iPad sets you on a courageous mission into outer space using a free arcade. There is a dangerous hazardous mission at hand to be completed. And you have to tae your rocket all the way up to the planet Pluto. All you have to do is to gear  yourself into astronaut mood and get ready to go.

You will have to keep a close watch out for balloons, airplanes, strange space ships and satellites that will try to hamper you on your mission. Each of these has the power to bring damage to your rocket and keep you from getting to your goal. If you have to make it to the end, then you have to be a strong and brave traveler. You must be tough enough it cope with all the dangers at this task and reach the height required. You have to be valiant enough to take on this task and complete it!

There are many features that make this app so special to play. There are so many items that are to be upgraded. The music, done by The Maneken, has been splendidly done. The game play is very addicting- once you set out, there is no way you will want to back out till you have accomplished your mission. The physics applied in this game is very scientific and realistic. It makes the game come alive and helps you get into the game such that you will not be able to retrieve yourself easily. To make the game interesting and fun, there is added tilt control. There are rewards as leaderboards and Game Center achievements. Share your achievements with your friends via Twitter and Facebook for these two are integrated in to the app itself.

This game is a lot of fun and is sure to keep you engaged. It is so addicting that you will not be able to stop playing once you begin. You have to just lunch your rocket, collect the coins to keep going and make sure to avoid obstacles on the way. You can upgrade your rocket as per your needs. The sound and graphics are of top quality and are just superb.

Rocket Space is an excellent and engaging mobile arcade game in which you have to fly your rocket by avoiding obstructions. Timely improvements in your engine, tank volume and other features are to be kept in track with. To guide your rocket, just tilt your device to the right or left. This app needs iOS 4.3 or higher versions. It is a game packed with fun and adventure and is a great example of creativity on the part of its developers Ola Games. Once you play the game, you will not be able to stop praising it ever for it shall take you on an adventure like none other experienced by you before.

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