Match fast Isn’t exactly as It seems. Sure It looks very simple from the In-game pictures provided but in reality It’s a lot more intense then what people assume, at first It seems very simple all you have to do Is match the repeated symbol on your screen and your friends screen and gain ten points to win the game, what seems so hard in that? Well that symbols change as the game continues on.


For example, the symbols could just be outlines of the shapes or the shapes can be rotating making finding them a little more difficult then expected. As you Increase your score more shapes are added on making it a little more easier for your friend to catch up to you as you scrample looking for the shape that matches his/hers, just make sure you don’t accidentally click on the wrong shape or you’ll end up losing a point making you have to earn that point back all over again.


This Application also allows you to play with up to 4 players which helps you socialize with your friends instead of just playing an application by yourself I mean seriously, what’s the fun in playing an application all by yourself? There Is none. Playing with 4 people can get pretty Interesting, me and my friends ended up playing a game that take forever to finish because it we all had to look at each others little corners to find out which symbol we all had in common as the shapes were spinning and scattered all over the place. If you want a more competitive game then you can play with just 2 people, heck you can even do 3 people if you wanted!


In my opinion, the best thing about this application is the fact that It’s easy to play and that It’s intended to help increase your concentration and processing. It’s always great to see applications that are intended to help people increase what their capable of mentally in the most simple of ways. Another fantastic thing about this application is the HD graphics and the beautiful colors it has. Colors and Graphics are very Important in applications and this app has hit dead on when it comes to those requirements to make people more interested in the application/game. I am literally hooked on playing this application because it’s just so much fun to see if I can beat my friends in discovering the objects before they do.

This application doesn’t require Internet either so you don’t have to worry about wasting up data while playing the game off Wi-Fi, which means you can play the application wherever you are. I mean I love being able to play this with my friends outside without the worry of eating up the data I need to use throughout the month. This game Is definitely Intended for all ages young or old so please give it a shot It’ll definitely be worth your time to give this fantastic application a shot at playing, who knows. You might enjoy It like I do.

Worth Having app – Download the App