Getting in touch with people when you need them is becoming increasingly more difficult, as more communication is made via text message and more phones are kept on silent. So, what happens if you – or somebody you’re with – is in an emergency?

Repeatedly calling and texting, or leaving a voicemail hoping they call you back isn’t a good solution. NeedUNow, an app developed by In-telligent LLC, bridges that gap in communication.

The app allows you to ‘force’ an audible notification when you send an emergency message, even if the device is on silent, sleeping or the app has been force-closed. It’s a simple, effective app that means your emergency or time-sensitive messages will be noticed immediately. It’ll also share the last known location of the device, if location services are enabled.

It’s perfect for babysitters, caregivers, parents and even businesses – anybody who can think of a scenario where something may happen where they need to alert somebody immediately. Cross compatibility ensures iOS and Android users can alert each other, not limited by device operating system.

It’s one of the most effective emergency communication apps I’ve ever seen and the implications could be life-saving. Check out the app today on Google Play and iOS, or visit their website