Launched earlier this year, first on iOS and more recently on android, the APC Direct App was created to make the shipping process easier, and is mainly targeted at small and medium businesses. The app was developed by APC Overnight, the UK’s biggest delivery network, in collaboration with Parcel2Go, one of the UK’s biggest parcel comparison websites.


The purpose of the app is to provide a delivery service that is not only quick but incredibly convenient. Businesses now exist in all different formats and locations, from solopreneurs and digital nomads, to small office set-ups and warehouses. As such, making an app that can be accessed from anywhere, using a mobile or tablet, helps businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Furthermore, this fast and convenient app reduces the business hours spent on delivering products to a customer, freeing up time for more important tasks. With this app, entrepreneurs and business owners can now ship and track a parcel in just a few clicks.

User Interface

The app is very easy to use, with a clear and concise design. Using APC’s colours, the app uses red, blue and white. The welcome screen is easy to navigate and has two functions allowing you to send a parcel or track a parcel. There is also a menu allowing users to change their profile and personal information, as well as a helpful FAQ section.

User Experience

All of the hassle is taken out of the shipping process with this app, as everything can be done with a tap. When sending a parcel, users can input addresses already stored on their phone or use their location, making it easy to send parcels to repeat customers. After inputting the sender’s details, which again can be stored, all that is left to do is add information about the parcel contents and its weight, before continuing to the Barclaycard secure payment section. If addresses are already on the user’s phone, this process can be completed in seconds.

Tracking is easy, too. The app remembers the tracking searches that have been made previously, as well as orders that have been placed through the app. This means there is no need to re-enter information, as users can track with a simple tap.

The Verdict

APC Direct is a fantastic app for small businesses and could save valuable time. It’s convenient, fast and takes the hassle out of shipping, keeping both business owners and their customers, happy.

Download for iOS and android.