Less than 8 is one among the best played iPhone apps by puzzle lovers across the world. Anyone with quick thinking and fast tapping skill can make use of their talents in less than 8. How to play this interesting game? This is a common query heard from new players. Playing Less than 8 is quite easy and simple. Here, you just need to tap to place the numbers on the grid. You will win the game if all the numbers in both rows and columns add up to eight.


Which is the best game that can make spare time interesting? This question is quite frequent from game lovers. If you love mathematics and puzzle, you can definitely suggest the name of less than eight. Today, many people addicted to Sudoku are also addicted to Less than eight game. Less chance of error is a main feature of Less than eight app. Hardcore mode of this app allows little room for error. Undo button is another feature of this app. This button can safeguard your puzzle game from more than eight while doing addition.


Animation and sound while playing can make game interesting. In order to make game more interesting, you can easily enable the button of sound, music and animation. This button can be used as per the decision of player. Some players do have the habit of playing game with one hand. This exotic iPhone app even allows one hand players to play game in a comfortable mode. Left handed mode is a key feature here. This mode is specially meant for left hand players. Also, you can play this game by using one hand.


Some people do own a character of saving their high scores. This game also allows users to save their high scores in case of need. Players can make use of internet connection to save their high scores by locally. At times, comparison of scores is done by people to know their level in game. Here also you can do comparison of your game scores with that of your friends and relatives. Players can directly make use of Apple Game center to know the time taken by each player to win the game. This habit is found to be very useful to score good in the next game.

Comparison of time and score in game helps players to earn more points in future games. With all these factors, you can suggest Less than eight as an ideal game for your leisure time. Queries while playing game are quite common from new players. If there is any doubt regarding the play, you can directly click on the faq button in app. This game is so simple to learn. If you are in search of a simple and interesting game to spend leisure time, then feel free to download Less than eight in your mobile phone. Today, this application can be easily availed from online stores. Improved presentation for menus and new logo had attracted many puzzle lovers to Less than eight.

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