Currently, there are lots of App Builder applications that have been designed differently to assist users in coming up with unique apps of their own. Some of them have been developed to assist in managing corporate employees whereas others are meant to assist in smooth running of different enterprises. Getting an App Builder that can perfectly satisfy one’s needs is a critical factor to consider. This prompts one to check on the features such as user-friendly interface, professional nature and easy to be integrated in the mobile platform.

Apparently, one such exceptional tool is the App Builder created by the AppInstitute. It actually does not require much technical knowledge to develop and come up will a well-functioning app. This App Builder focuses on small businesses by assisting them to monitor and manage different customer-related operations in an efficient way using mobile devices. Having been recently updated on 4th August, 2016, its current version 1.4 has exhibited exceptional performance making this app to be highly rated and receive positive reviews.


The Functionality of the AppInstitute’s App Builder

In relation to how this app builder operates, one will discover that it comes with excellent user interface that makes the app building process a simple one. Using the drag-and-drop tools and point-and-click tools, the user will easily integrate the required components into the newly-developed app that is still in work-in-progress. Some of the essential features that incorporated will focus much on functionality, social connection and the overall impact of the app to the customers. Thus, they will include push notifications, loyalty, social, m-commerce (using of ads), ordering, maps and location GPS.

Meanwhile, this great app builder will also facilitate publication of the app on App Store and boost its marketability and promotion to its target clients. This will assist the small business to be highly recognized thus getting wider market coverage.

Compatibility of App Builder

Apparently, this fantastic app has been created to function in iOS and smartphone devices. Meanwhile, the user will be required to have iOS 6.0 or any new version in the market. On the other hand, compatible mobile devices include iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone.

Here are the essential features that one will come across when using App Builder:

Admob enabled feature

Is the business focusing on making online earnings? This great app offers the ultimate solution. With the integration of the Admob, the small business can be able to generate income each time visitors check and click on their ads found in their app. The more visible the app is, the higher the number of visitors thus higher earnings!

Activate push notifications

What is the ultimate purpose of this feature? Apparently, push connection are known to induce a high level of engagement with customers, especially those who have installed and used the business’ app. The technique of sending notifications to such customers and getting their opinion and response can help in boosting the performance of the app. A great technique indeed!


Social network connection

In the current technological environment, any business cannot ignore the social aspect in boosting the performance of the business. Thus, this brings the great need of integrating different links, feeds and icons of social media such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Keeping in touch with target customers through social connection can stimulate and improve the number of app downloads and easily check on the analytics performance.

Documentation and media integration

In order for any business app to become relevant, there is need explain and elaborate its purpose and how efficient it is in different operations. This can be documented within the app. On the other hand, the media in form of images (both for header and normal ones) and video links can be incorporated to clearly outline the purpose of the business to the customers.

Themes and background presentation

In most cases, the themes and background should be professionally designed and related to the purpose or services that are being offered by the business. App builder contains different templates and features (including splash screen) that can assist the business to come up with a perfect background presentation for the app. Besides, once the app has been designed, the App Icon Creator tool can facilitate in creation of app icon.

Communication strategy

This is one of the critical components that prove whether the app will continuously perform well or not. With App Builder, the business will find it easy to incorporate necessary communication tools that will create a perfect link with the customers. Some of them include integration of contact form for visitors on app’s site, auto updates, special reservations and loyalty cards coming as rewards and “stamped”.

Location point

How can the business be contacted? Are there addresses that have been indicated so that new visitors can easily locate the business? These are the questions the business should ask when creating the app. With the integration of the maps (for instance Google Maps) and realtime GPS systems, this can make the “Contact Us” process a pretty easy one!

Check below for the evident pros and Cons of the App Builder designed by AppInstitute:


· Fantastic user interface

· No need for great technical knowledge

· Highly designed to enhance customer-business relationship

· Numerous advanced Consfeatures; great performance

· Great tool for online business marketing


· Crash experienced if not updated

· Unstable at times; disrupts performance


Clearly, App builder from AppInstitute has truly exhibited exceptionally great performance when it comes to facilitating creation of apps for small business. With fantastic features such as easy-to-use interface, push notifications, social, Admob and overall classical design, it absolutely exceeds customers’ expectations. Why wait? Get it today for absolutely free from App Store and transform the outlook of the business!

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