Ever wanted to know what you would look like if you were Santa Claus?  Well, now is the time to find out and share your new look with family and friends with Santafy Me for iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.  You can also choose to be other Christmas figures with this application if you feel like your Santa look does not quite fit.  All you need is a picture either from your camera or your existing library to get started.  It doesn’t matter in what position your face is; you can manipulate the beard, moustache and glasses to turn anyone into Santa Claus.  You don’t even have to be on your own in the picture because you can turn your friends into Santa’s crew as well!  You can also dress your friends up as animals, as it was stated before.  Did you know that you could dress your buddy up as a penguin?  You can also dress anyone as a reindeer or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

If you’re a woman and you would like to be Mrs. Clause, Santafy Me now allows you to dress up in her dress, which makes it an ideal Christmas picture to send your friends and family instead of the boring traditional one.  You can also add background decorations like Christmas trees, their branches, ribbons, and you can drag, resize them and manipulate them in order to have the perfect Christmas picture.

When you’re done editing your pictures, you can put them up on your own Polar-oid library where you can see them as Polaroid pictures which are randomly put in place so you can show your friends whenever they’re on the internet.  This is also great for family members who live abroad and need a smile on their face, so feel free to share this with them through e-mail because regular mail tends to arrive a bit late.

Santafy Me provides great pictures which will translate into hours of conversation with your friends and family.  If you have ornaments with picture holders on your Christmas tree, you can hang your pictures there so that everyone can take advantage of what they have.  You will have your friends begging for you to take pictures of them to make their own Christmas Layout.  You can also conduct a gathering with your co-workers and edit a few pictures to put in the office.  It will surely be a meeting full of laughter and Christmas spirit.  People entering the office will surely see how happy you guys are and how you guys work together to decorate your work space.  Whether you want to get this app or not, you know that all these features were made just for the occasion and that they do have updates and add new things as Christmas time comes by.

For these reasons, you may want to check out their webpage, where you can see some user-uploaded pictures to check out the quality of the graphics (which seems to be great) and then you can check out user reviews in the iTunes App Store.  The application has just been released, so everything should be okay as far as the graphics and features go.  User reviews, however, are not enough to be displayed on the Apple iTunes page.  This application costs ninety nine cents and all you need to do is show your kids how this works and they will have hours of creativity with the family pictures on your iPhone, iPod or iPad.  This application is recommended among all the Christmas applications for 2011 because it’s fun to use and great for sharing.

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