Binary options are investment tools that allow investors to predict trade of the price, movements of underlying assets, with fixed, pre-determined returns over a period of time. Binary option has two possible outcomes, the forecast can be correct or not, hence a trader needs to decide on how much to invest in an option given.

Oftentimes, binary brokers make up to 90%profit on their investments even if the market moves by a small margin. This is because binary options offer the highest payout of all types of financial instruments in trading. Not forgetting that time is also a component as it affects pricing because binary options are priced in a way that they reflect profitability.


However, our main focus is the trading mobile app for Binary Options. We give you the best binary options mobile trading app available for Android users in the Google Play app store.

There is a way in which one trades with binary options and done by simply choosing an asset such as stock, predict whether price of the asset will rise up or down. When one predicts correctly, then the returns are high up to 81% and if the predictions are incorrect, one’s return is up to 20% binary options trading options that are really easy. But one can always change the offered investment amount and profit percentage by changing values of the “invest and profit” at the bottom.


Therefore our app offers you a way to monitor new positions, see if they are making money or not and accept new positions to maximize your returns.

We also offer you the following features;

  • Availability of many underlying assets available to trade.
  • Offer up to 90% profit per binary trade.
  • Seamless sync with any option web account
  • Multiple languages to choose from.
  • One can call and have binary options on indices, Forex, stocks and commodities.
  • Real time data onto social tradings.
  • Following market trends and positioning yourself according to the market trends.
  • Free multiple deposits and withdrawals methods.
  • Team of professionals offer you live support.
  • No commissions, no charges which are hidden, no new ads or spreads for oneself.
  • Intuitive, more stable and easy to use.
  • Trading is real and can happen anytime, anywhere.


Not forgetting the advantages you experience in binary options which are;


We allow investors to trade in a wide variety of time frames, 60seconds-365days.


All one needs to do is to predict the market’s movement right and no need to go through the complex pricing and valuation process of traditional methods.

Calculated Risks

Potential risk and return are known before investment is made to give you a choice of knowing how much and how long to invest, how much to lose and gain. One is always in control of exposure.

Time Management

The investment time frame is known and therefore one does not have to keep track of spreads, interest rate differentials among others like other traders hence focus is solely on the predictions.

Ability to profit from flat/range markets

This is through binary options multiplying size of price action in a quiet market.


One can hedge any current positions in traditional markets without having to buy or sell the underlying asset

Low minimum investment

Initial trading capital can be as low as $100

With our latest updates being November 20, 2015, a big size of 26Millon users,100,000-500,000 installs, a current version of 2.0.37, android requirement of 4.0.3, a rating of 3+ and over 2000 users in Google+(G+), this is the platform to choose. The most reputable market maker and with 100% regulations and registrations in the EU region financial authorities and other jurisdictions.

Trading binary options are safe and secure, but investing in an asset involves a lot of risks. Please ensure you know the risks involved. Download the app to find out why any option is the binary options trading platforms and why it is the world leading.

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