Are you looking for a reliable cell phone spy software of late? It could be that you have doubts about one of your employees and you are looking to track his mobile phone interactions. If you are in quest of expert recommendations here, Spyera cell phone spy software is a top voted name today. The award winning program is a favorite of top government bodies and law enforcement professionals given its pragmatic and cutting edge features. Here is a brief on Spyera review.

Call interception

This feature is something exclusive for the Spyera users and is not possible with other cell phone spy software programs around. Backed by a state of the art technology, the Spyera software will allow you a live call listening facility whenever the target phone receives or makes a call.

Tracks all forms of messages

According to http://www.cell-phones-spy-software.com/spyera-review/, this top-notch software is able to track all forms of messages received or sent by your target phone. This includes both the SMS messages as well as messages through internet messaging services- like WhatsApp, PIN, We Chat, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Viber & Skype. You will be able to see the social media profiles, locations, pictures etc. that further ensures a comprehensive knowledge for you.

Recording of live calls

As a Spyera user, you would be able to record the calls made or received by the target phone live. You can specify the phone numbers & any calls made or received by the target phone from these numbers would be automatically recorded- so that you can listen to them later.

Spying on the VoIP apps

Then, the Spyera software helps you to track all VoIP calls that are made through your target phone. You will logs of each and every VoIP call.

Ambient listening & recording

Spyera not only records the live calls but also provides insights on the surrounds of the target. You would simply need to make a call to that target device to know about the conversations happening around the phone.

Grabs password

Don’t worry if your target phone is protected by a password as Spyera is intelligent enough to crack the password for you- to ensure smooth access to everything inside the phone.

Email tracking

The Spyera users will get complete information on the emails sent & received by the target phone. Everything would be notified on your online Spyera account and hence even if the target person removes those emails, you will have the evidence with you.

Stays hidden

The Spyera software will stay hidden in the target’s phone so that he or she does not get know about your spying activities.

Finally, the Spyera software supports all major mobile phone systems such as Windows PCs, Symbian, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry & Android.