Let me tell you a few words about a game I got so addicted with, I can barely leave my smartphone on the table. It is a smartphone application, originally created for iPhones and iPads, and it is so entertaining that you will probably never want to delete it. Well at least this is what exactly happened to me. Just like many other people out there, I have a thing for board games and this is exactly what Attack your friends is – a risk board game played on your iOS device, accessed and updated once you connect to the internet. Since we’re losing touch with our friends due to our dynamic lives, this game offers a new way of connection and entertainment with our friends and the online world while playing a game and creating challenges for each other.

What is Attack you friends all about?

This incredibly fun game can be played with other people, those being your friends or random people from all around the world. Since it is a classical risk board game, some people might think that it is complicated. Quite the contrary, this game is pretty straightforward, even though it takes a good strategic thinking and a lot of courage to play as an advanced risk player. Nevertheless, the main objective of the game is to conquer all of the countries on the map. And since this is a game played in a network, the other players you are playing against will receive push messages as a notification informing them that it is their turn. What’s even better is that the graphics are outstanding! The user experience is definitely on a higher level than many of the smartphone games I have played so far.

Pros & Cons of Attack your friends

This game is so good that I haven’t stopped playing it since the moment I started. But of course, it is not perfect as there are some things that should be worked on. Therefore, I provide you with the pros and cons of this smartphone app.


Extraordinary graphics! This game is definitely one of the most visually enjoyable games I have on my iPhone so far.
Many similarities with a classical board game, easy to understand, yet it requires some serious strategic thinking if you want to be the winner among your friends.

Challenging, yet flexible. Your friends or the random people you are playing against will send you push messages to inform you that it is your turn, yet you play the game at your own pace.

A possibility to chat and form alliances with the opponents.


One big minus is the fact that I can only play this game (without interruption) with people using iOS devices. In my opinion, such a game should be at a wider availability.

The dice randomizer should be fixed, as sometimes a smaller number beats up a bigger, which I find it to be a mistake.

All in all, I think this is an amusing game with a great potential to become viral.

Worth Having App – Download the App