Casino games are so gripping, offering suspense, excitement, cash and prizes to the gamers who play them. These games are not only fun but they are so productive because you aren’t just playing, but you also have the chance to win something real. Packed with card skills and slot thrills, the Reel Stakes Casino: Real Wins app guarantees to offer huge real-life rewards and big time fun.

What is the app about?

Reel Stakes Casino: Real Wins is a casino app that helps users not only play for fun but also win up to thousands of dollars in real gift card prizes. Designed by the team of developers from Game Knight, Reel Stakes Casino: Real Wins gives both newbies and card masters equal opportunity to win big prizes! Every play earns users a chance to collect prize entry tickets for daily gift card giveaways. New prizes are given away every single day and thousands of dollars in prizes are awarded every month.

Working of the app:

Reel Stakes Casino: Real Wins is about playing blackjack and poker for free to win real prizes, and it’s so easy to get started, even if you’ve never played cards before. The app is so good that you won’t want to stop playing it. Not only does the app guarantee fun but it also offers real gift card prizes to all the top retailers. Players can build winning poker and blackjack hands to spin the slot reels and collect prize tickets for gift cards worth up to $500 each. The more they play, the more they will be able to earn. Players can also test their skills playing exciting mini games and racing against the clock in fun bonus events. When they play well, they can move up and claim a spot on the leaderboard.

Special Features of the app:

The most special feature that I loved about the app is that it helps people to be gamble aware and the games designed are completely legal. The GameKnight team gives you more and more chances and assists you in becoming a more skilled blackjack and poker player in a shorter span. When you have any queries, you can write to the team at The team will be so happy to answer all of your queries and help you play without any hindrance. The team is also active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram social media platforms where you can stay updated with the team always.


Reel Stakes Casino: Real Wins is completely free to download and it comes with in-app purchases that let you choose any one of the plans that best suit your needs. The in-app purchases allow you to go ad-free and even earn more chances to win big.

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