There had been a time not much long ago when smart phones were unique and heavily at demand with just one manufacturer in the cellular market; Apple. However the introduction of Google Android has made the availability of smart phone much easier to the customers as now every cellular company has either launched its own Android phone or is in the process of doing so. After Google android almost all the mobile applications are being developed using this as the operating system.

Android products are now coming up with various interesting applications and features that have added to the costumer’s luxuries. All the requirements of an application solution by a business are now met by the Android. With the ease and openness of the Android software, the cellular manufacturing companies are bringing out easy and user friendly applications for the complicated business problems. Manufacturers tend to use Android as its operating system for all the applications as it is easy enough to manipulate and allows newer and better innovations to the software. With this function of providing solutions to various business and other problems, android products have gained popularity and are now neck and neck with the starters of the mobile OS.

The flexibility of the android software and its ease in development makes it easy enough to be used by several varieties of customers. Customers now find better solutions to their problems due to the applications of android rather than using it for leisure activities. Android products provide reasonable solutions to pretty much everything including typical entertainment tools and translation etc. The development in the android applications market is by far much greater than any other type of smart phone applications over the previous year. The application may be free of cost or charging some amount but it provides all the necessary tools to attract the customers.

There are several ways through which the customers can meet their requirements using the android products and the speed of the solution makes the product more favorable to the customers. The main reason why the customers would buy an Android smart phone is getting their problems solved in a very short time wherever possible with just a push of a button or now we can even say touch on the screen! Android applications are meant to serve the users in every possible way such that the applications that work for the speed and better mobile lifestyle are given more importance and this makes Android much more demandable to the customers.

Many of the cell phone users still wonder how the android phones are so appealing to the vast community of smart phone users, since they have never have used a smart phone, they are devoid of the benefits of such a phone. So the question is how such an android application be useful in providing comforts to the life of the users.

A simple example could be a barcode scanning android application that can tell the actual constituents, price and all the required actual particulars of the product and can be helpful in avoiding any fraud to the buyers by the sellers. In the same way weather forecast applications could be very helpful to the users in getting ready with the right precautions for the upcoming weather. This could particularly be useful in areas prone to cyclones and storms.

Furthermore android applications that make use of translators could assist you in communicating with the people in a foreign country. Another very useful application could be a temperature sensor that will sense temperature reading accurately and send it to your phone. These were certain applications that already exist and facilitate the users. You may also find applications as crucial and useful as the blood pressure sensors that could help you in matters of your health.

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Written by David Canon, freelance writer who writes about social media, pc antivirus, innovative marketing, hard drive data recovery and different applications.