IPhones and iPads have become very common these days; even you can see kids learning to use them at a faster pace than the adults. They are engrossed in these electronic gadgets and they learn to excel in handling them. Apple has transformed the technology to a very large extent that we can witness endless queues before the iStore when any of the apple products are released. There are millions of apps that are already available in the app store and their count is increasing day by day. In order for an app to stand ahead of the crowd and gather the attention of the iPhone users, it is almost mandatory that it has to be unique, easy user navigation and usage and all these should come at a very reasonable price for it to be a huge hit. This law applies to the games as well, and one such game is iTraps Mini which was developed by Vittorio Cazzadore. This app requires the software which is iOS 3.2 or its later version.

iTraps Mini is a classic game of the past, which has been made available in the iPhone through this app. In this game you have to guide a steel ball through the obstacles from the starting point. You have to guide the ball through 10 dangerous obstacles that will be available throughout the path where you move the ball. When you reach the end of the obstacles then you will get a GOAL, but all these has to be done within the allotted time. In order to start playing this game you have to press the DIAL TIME button and use the PUSH button for passing through the obstacles.


  • The simulation of this great game is exactly similar to the original game, which is why the classy touch is never lost.
  • This game can be played by all the age groups.
  • The iTraps Mini game can be added to the Game Centre, this makes it easy for the players to keep track of their scores and compete with their friends.
  • There is also an exclusive feature available in this game where you can share your scores in the twitter.
  • The Gravity with which the ball moves in the game, will feel very realistic to the players.
  • The timer and all the other background sounds in the game are made available in HD.
  • There are 10 obstacles that have to be crossed before reaching the final destination, which is when the player will score a GOAL. Some of the 10 obstacles are Mill, Blue Whell, Platform, Magnet, swing, saw, Draw Bridge, Yellow whell and the mobile bridge.

Bottom Line:

iTraps Mini is  a fascinating electro – mechanical game, which will make its players to be glued to it for hours. This interesting game can be downloaded from the App store for just $ 0.99, so all you need to do is to download this game and start having fun by guiding the steel balls and increasing your scores.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

Download Link :   Download the App Here