Everybody loves to play games in their mobile phones, TV’s, Ipad’s and IPod’s. Kids are just so thrilled and have a lot of fun when they are playing these games; there are no exceptions to the adults who equally fight with the kids when it comes to gaming. The games which have a lot of action and adventure are always on the top of the list for any kid. These games make them get more involved in it and they enjoy these games to the fullest extent. NinjaKen is one such game that has been developed by Rexone studios and launched in the Android market as an app. This is a great app for all the Ninja lovers. NinjaKen provides its users with the unique and authentic gaming experience of a true ninja game.

The basis of the game revolves around a ninja named Shinji who has to battle against his enemies. The ninja has to avoid all the traps that are set for weakening him and his spirit. Shinji has to fight his way through different paths and trails that include lowlands and the great reminiscent of China – the Great Wall. Like all the other Ninjas, Shinji has also special moves and abilities such as “Shinji Tatsumaki” and “Onek Shuriken”. He can use these moves to win over his enemies. The Ninjaken is an arcade style game and the difficulty of the game increases as the player moves up by entering the different levels.


Ninjaken is an action packed game comprising of jumps that are well timed, well aimed stars that are thrown in a razor sharp way which makes the players to fully experience the ninja world. In Ninjaken, there is an arcade controller which acts as a signal to the players who are playing this game.  The arcade controller operates in two different colors (red and blue) which will be displayed on the screen. The controller helps players to attack any object that obstructs their progress during the course of action. In the game, it is like a fighting tool for the Ninja. This feature also provides apt and timely warnings for the players to make correct moves in the games before progressing with some kind of strike that may have disastrous effects.  The game has very well designed graphics and good background music that serve as encouraging accompaniments.


The Ninjaken is a complete action packed game that offers lots of adventures and entertainment, ideal for all the ninja lovers. The game is available for free download from the android market with limited levels and features. In order to enjoy the full version and to get soaked in the action world, all you need to do is just pay $ 1.25 to gain unrestricted access to all the features and the extra levels in the game. The full version of the game includes more advanced controllers, perils, many background maps and also a wide selection of interesting background scores. Just download the game and enjoy yourself in the ninja world.

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