Dining Caddy is an online interactive platform for sharing food experiences with each other. Developed by Dining Caddy, Inc, this app helps food enthusiasts (caddies) rate and review different restaurants, bars, desserts and coffee shops available on the platform. It also provides the caddies with the ability to keep track of their favorite places and dishes. This review will take a look at the key features of this app, its positives and negatives.

Key Features

Dining Caddy is an online platform for food enthusiasts (caddies) that allow them to share their food experiences with other caddies. This platform enables its users to give reviews and ratings to different restaurants, bars, desserts and coffee shops available on the platform. They can rate different menu items, deals, as well as service standards offered by different eateries. These ratings and reviews enable other caddies to pick the best possible eateries for their outings.

Important Aspects of Dining Caddy

This truly belongs in the social media section of the App store. There is a feed of those you follow that you can scan where other caddy’s check in recommend and review items they eat at the places they go. The best part is as you participate more and more within the app your profile grows. They sort all the places you check in at, make recommendations of and keep all your reviews in one easy to sort through location. Maybe you forgot the name of the place where you got amazing service and excellent food your profile becomes your dining out journal helping you track the best places you have eaten.

This app is awesome. You can have your circle of friends and family follow each other and know what you are eating to give you ideas of what to eat including finding new good places. You can also bookmark places you want to try so that when you get in that awkward moment of having to make a quick decision you are ready. The app gives you tons of pictures, locations, distances, reviews, ratings, and recommendations.

Many users find it very useful in finding great restaurants to try. It’s great because all the restaurants are shown in order from closest to farthest away and you can search by tags or key words to help narrow or broaden your search. This is also a social media app so high quality photos and videos are posted of the restaurants people have tried. It also helps you find Restaurants near you no matter where you go it shows what is closest to you. It also lets you post photos and video of your favourite dining experiences.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Dining Caddy is a great app for food enthusiasts. The app provides users with a way to share their food experiences with others, rate different eateries, and keep track of their favourite places. It also has a social media aspect which allows users to connect with each other, post photos and videos, and more. The app is easy and convenient to use and there are no negative points associated with it. If you’re looking for an app to help you find great restaurants and stay up-to-date with the latest food trends, Dining Caddy is the perfect app for you.