Let’s travel back to the old world scenario. Assume you are travelling from one place to another and you are crossing a territory and suddenly, the king of that territory asks you to pay tax for using his land. Sounds indifferent, right? Now, take the same situation in your favor and this time, you are the king who will be earning the tax. Now you are happy. But really, the whole system sounds like a game which you might have played in your childhood like ‘money business’ or something like that. Now, let’s take this a step ahead and make the game global.

The game we are talking about is Geoempires which is available for free in the Android market. It is a location based app that takes you to the ‘middle-age’ situation. The game play of the game goes like this. Your city is divided into a certain no. of square blocks on Google Maps, each block being termed as a ‘territory’. You have to conquer as much territories as you can and build your kingdom. Obviously, it is a multiplayer game and there will be many other players playing all across the globe. As you progress, you will gain loyalty which is necessary to take over a territory. You need some virtual money to build up your empire and you can find it in your local area. Also, whenever somebody crosses your territory, you will earn some toll and the same applies when you pass some other player’s territory.

The game is very well designed. The user interface will appear to be a little bit confusing on the starting but the tutorial will take you through the game and help you to understand the concept. There are many different tabs to navigate in between. In the map section, you can see all your territories and your neighbors and roam around to take a look at the other territories. Then, you can also watch the list of top 20 players in the world or you may like to have a look at the medals that you have won so far.

The game has a business side attached to it. You have to take the right decision considering building up your own wall and take over other territories and make proper utilization of all the money. So, it is a source of entertainment as well as education. Moreover, you can connect with your Facebook friends who are playing the same game. So, it becomes more enjoyable to share your experience with them.

Overall, the game is very interesting and innovative. Though we would not say it to be a completely new and original concept, but the old concept has been worked upon and customized in a very practical way. However, as the game is new, you won’t find much traffic in territories around your area. So, you will feel a little bit boring playing alone. But take it in a positive way and develop your kingdom as fast as you can as this is the right opportunity. Other than that, the game is a must play.

We will give this game 5 out of 5 stars for its innovative and practical game play.

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