This A.I. powered Reading app developed by Shashank Agarwal wholly satisfies all requirements for users. More importantly the developers did a qualitative job with the key features and I strongly recommend checking out if you are a fan of this kind of reading app.

Are your tired of reading news and blogs you don’t care about?

Do you frequently miss great articles and blogs on topics that greatly interest you and are important for your work and life then it’s time to have your personal news reading app respectively with A.I. powered Reading app developed by Shashank Agarwal.

You can read articles from the entire internet refined and picked only for you with PipFeed – the ultimate article reader & news aggregator app. With this popular PipFeed you are in control on what type of news, articles & blogs you read daily.

Key Features of PipFeed – A news reader & blog aggregator

  • A.I. that understands you & what you want to read
  • Daily selection of latest blogs
  • Simple custom news publications app to discover great content
  • Likes, Comments, and ability to share articles
  • Bookmark articles and add them to a reading list to read later

AI That Perfectly Works For You

Pipfeed’s Artificial Intelligence system effectively observes which articles you have interacted with and learnt your likes and dislikes. Their newsstand app comprises the best online blogs, latest articles, and the latest news articles from trusted sources and showcases them to you in a neat way. Moreover it’s like having a personal Editor who published a newspaper just for you.

Follow Blogs for Personalized Reading

You can find the most interesting articles from over 200+ blogs. Also you can easily follow any of the online blogs and news publication sites, and get only content that is relevant for you.

Variety of Article Categories

PipFeed professionally features the latest articles ranging from topics like

  • Programming
  • Travel, Business
  • Social, Philosophy
  • Fashion
  • Art and much more.

In addition you can also explore all news reader categories and get the latest on topics that truly interest you. Primarily you can search for blogs, articles, and content via keywords on our search bar.

Also more confidently you can say yes to a reading experience which is more personal, more intuitive, more beautiful and smarter. It’s so difficult to find good articles to read on the Internet, we make it easier. Now it’s the time to discover best personalized content the easy way.


If you’re an ardent fan of these kinds of special reading apps with AI powered in general, then A.I. powered Reading app developed by Shashank Agarwal is one that you must check out this on holiday.

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