Being part of a social circle that loves and are regularly attending various sporting and music events, I’m always on the look out for anything which will help me share the up and coming events that I will be going to and invite my friends and family along with me. I found InSlideOut, a nicely designed and easy to navigate app which will allow me to keep in contact with my friends and family even if they don’t live near me (which is great seeing as a lot of the events I attend are quite near to my long time friends and family, but outside of my home town). InSlideOut is definitely the best social calendar app that I have used.

The App and its design

With an attractive blue and white design I find the app easy to navigate and use, so did the older family members I got to sign up so they could keep in contact with me easier which was a major positive. Some of them even found some concerts they wanted to go to and bought the tickets through the app! Thankfully I wasn’t required to add in all my old contacts and manually search for my favourite sports teams and musicians, the app helped me do this and my new profile was set up in no time.


Key features

– Easily imported my contacts from my phone, making creating my new social calendar that much easier – this for me was a big positive of the app as I personally hate having to constantly set up profiles on the new website/app that everyone is using.
– Helps me search for my favourite musicians and sports teams. The app even automatically suggests and searches for events that it thinks I would like based off my interests and previous events, I am constantly learning about new bands and sports teams that I might like.
– Will help me arrange cheap travel arrangements to and from any events I decide to book. I already thought the app was great but this really surprised me, with the app not only helping me find out about events which are on near where my family and friends live, it has helped me get to and from the events. Taking it from just a social calendar to a social tool that will become a vital part of my social outings.
– Given the fact that the app revolves around social events in and around your area or your family/friends area I expected to be asked for some information, however the app really does require the minimum. Never overstepping the mark it asks for just enough information to make sure the app runs smoothly and is as effective as possible but takes my need for privacy into account.

I would strongly recommend anyone looking for an effective social calendar app who is keen to make keeping in contact with friends and family living out of your area easier downloads this app. It helps with a range of things and solves many of the issues I have when arranging to meet with my friends or family for an event out of town.

Worth Having App – Download the App