It is quite common to have two left feet for non dancers who have never danced on the floor. However, this does not imply that they don’t have the urge to dance. It is just that their body is not flexible enough to dance in the rhythm. The body may not be in rhythm but you can learn to dance when you have an iphone app that supports your dancing moves. You can learn several types of dancing just following the steps that are provided on the screen and here, your fingers are going to work as your feet. Let’s Dance by Emoak is an unique app that teaches you about ballroom dance steps that can help you learn dancing in real life. A small amount is required to pay for learning these expensive dance moves.


The Let’s Dance app is available for single and partner dances where you can use both your hands to master the dance moves. Dance forms such as cha cha cha, tango and Foxtrot can be learnt quite easily with the help of this app. there are dance tournaments to participate. Once you put the app on and select to dance on a particular theme, you will be seeing steps on the screen. You just require following those marks with your fingers. If you do it fast, you will win and if you fail to follow a step it will tell you that you are too late. There are tournaments where you can participate to show your skill to the world.



  • Let’s Dance is a dance based app available on iTunes.
  • The app is made for your fingers but it would provide a real thrill to your feet.
  • There are several dance styles to learn through this app where your hands will learn first and then you can implement those moves to the real floor.
  • Cha cha cha, tango and foxtrot are the three ballroom dance forms that you can learn with the help of this app.
  • There will be music in the background and it will help you dance through.
  • You can choose to learn single dances and dances with a partner.
  • You can use finger cloths for making the app look cute.
  • The dance can be turn based.
  • You require following footsteps in order to learn a dance.
  • The music in the background is quite soothing and the floor is kept quite simple so that there is no distraction.
  • The app is available for iPhone and iPads with iOS 6.0 or later.
  • The version 1.0 of the app is currently available for $1.99.


Summary: Let’s Dance is a unique dance learning and tournament app that will let you know about several dance steps that are quite popular in ballrooms. Your fingers will do the moves for you.

Good: The app has good rhythm to it and it is quite easy to learn even for a non-dancer.

Bad: There could be much more dance moves to make the app a bit more interesting as it is not a free app.

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