So, you like drinking but wish to play safe by knowing how much drunk you can get on a particular drink? After all, taking calculated risks is the new fad. So why should drinking be left out in this field? What if one told you that you could measure your level of drunkenness, how long the effects of alcohol will last and the concentration of alcohol in milliliters? Who wouldn’t want to drink then? To make this fantasy true, the new rage in the market is the Liquor Calculator iPhone app.


With Liquor Calculator, you can calculate the time for which the effects of your alcohol will last, along with its concentration. The overall aim is to calculate how drunk you are. There is a very unique code that takes into account assimilation periods, age, gender, weight, consumption period and alcohol content to give you a unique level of drunkenness.


To give you a drunken feel, the look of this app is that of a typical bar. There are a variety of drinks to choose from, with the alcohol content of each that you can choose too. Then you have to place them on a time scale. With this input, the app generates a drunkenness chat for you. The app produces a display of how someone would typically behave thus and how drunk they would be. Also, to make things complete, it also calculates how much time you would take to get back to sober state, that is, how much time it would take for the blood alcohol level to drop down to zero.


The user interface is very simplified with huge, clear buttons and a very bar- like look. You could actually picture yourself in that bar, ordering drinks with specific alcohol content and getting drunk to a certain level. What more could you ask for? Also, this app takes into account the time factor, which is quintessential to calculate how drunk one can get.

The Liquor Calculator app comes in both English and Russian and is compatible with most iOS devices, barely hanging up on their drunkards. While the owners make it very clear that the result of this app are entirely for amusement, it is still quite a lot of fun to imagine mixing drinks and guessing how drunk  you could guess. You can mix the most popular drinks and guess how drunk you would get on them.


While getting drunk si still looked down upon, this app brings a new revolution by making drinking safe by calculating the risks involved. It has however been clearly stated that the results are not to be relied upon as they are merely approximate values. Nonetheless, this app does a wonderful job of giving people an idea of how drunk they can get on a particular drink that they make.

To sum it up, Liquor Calculator app makes drinking safer by calculating a level of drunkenness. There are many factors looked into so that you can get a very close idea of how bad you can get.

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