charlieA new iOS app is releasing on June 4th this week called Charlie and there’s already a lot of buzz in the market around the concept of the application. The developers are based in Chicago and they’re already running an online version of the same app successfully. So what’s Charlie?

Charlie is like a street-smart boy. Suppose you’re about to meet a man in person for a business deal but you’re clueless about that person. So what you do is you hire Charlie. Charlie will go around every nook-and-corner, look under the carpet, contact its personal grass and come back to you with all the information you need and boost you with the confidence you need to crack that deal. After all, first impression is the last impression!

When you have to search for some vital information about a particular person, normally what you do is Google the name and go through different sources; sometimes in vain. But whatever is the case, you lose a lot of precious time which you could put into use somewhere else. Charlie bridges in this time-lapse very smartly. It syncs in with your iPhone calendar and automatically picks up names from your meeting schedules. Then it starts a search on a personal level that includes social media accounts such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc, company website, news portals and many other media. On an average, it saves you 57 Google searches per client and that sums up to around half an hour. So you can estimate how intricate the framework of its operation is. Moreover, it gathers information not only about the client but the rival companies as well. After all, you’re in for a business deal and they’d obviously be a part of your conversation.

Many people don’t consider Wikipedia as a “good source of information”. Why’s that? Though it’s the biggest source of information, it needs a better template for presentation. That’s where Charlie scores an A+. All the information that it collects, it presents to you in a one-pager with brief about the person, his/her company statistics, recent social updates and much more, split into different sections. It’s easy to recapitulate and understand with ready-made points that you can just align in the back of your mind and when you’re just 2 minutes away from the meeting, that’s all you need. Charlie mails you all the information an hour before your meeting so that you have enough preparation time.

So with Charlie, you already have the answers even before the Question Paper is out!