Cairo Based Beleela announces the release of 5.2 version of iFile Browser suitable for the iPad, iTouch and the iPhone. This is a file management solution by which users can organize and edit their files, including the ones remotely stored by means of a single hub. The application allows users to view all kinds of files and share them or print them if they need to, just with a touch.


Beleela is a mobile solutions developer based in Cairo, Egypt and offers this application through the App store. It is compatible with the iPhone, the iPad and the iTouch allowing users to edit, organize and access all documents and files that they have stored in their own devices as well as those they have stored remotely in cloud storage accounts, with a universal file viewer. It is offered in the paid productivity category at the App store.



  • The user interface is straightforward and can be linked with the iCloud or the Dropbox accounts of the user within a short time.
  • Users can also view their files that are stored locally and this includes all types of files that have been once linked, even if it is not usually supported by the iOS. All files in all formats are supported, so the viewer can view MS office content, PDF documents, iWork docs and so on.
  • All file augmentation tools are offered, such as editing modules that allow users to edit and remove certain content from the document and copy or delete anything else. Users can rename files, print them wirelessly, delete them or send them through email to contacts.
  • Files can be compressed and decompressed as well by using the .tar and .rar format.
  • In short, it offers a one stop access to all kinds of files.
  • The device requires an iPhone, an Ipad or an IPod touch with iOS of 6.0 or later. The application is a universal one and is optimized for iOS devices with a 17.5 MB.


The Good

The app supports the drop box service as well and is a very handy application. It is also a very useful file manager, as Apple does not offer it. It is able to recognize a PDF file from other Microsoft office files and is helpful or organizing documents and photos. The 5.1 version offers improved background execution times.

The Bad

The interface is simple and there are those who consider it a little too plain.



iFile Browser by Beleela is meant for iPhones, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5 and also for iPod touch (3rd, 4th and 5th generation,) as well as for the iPad having iOS 6.0 or later.  It allows the user to manage files both on the iOS device as well as in the cloud storage accounts. With the help of the iFile browser, the user can cut and copy files, as well as rename or share them, email or print them, compress or decompress files and even import and take photos, search for files within the applications and do a lot more. Accessing, organizing and editing any file for your iPhone, iPad or iTouch and those stored in the Dropbox and the iCloud is made easy. It supports any file that you can throw at it, and is definitely worth downloading.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

Download the App Here