Esselte designed an innovative application to reduce the overhead of taking notes multiple times. Many people have the habit of taking hand written notes in meetings, lectures, class room sessions, etc. But you may need to rework your hand written notes in order to convert them back to digital format as digital notes are the current trending format of writing notes. Esselte’s innovation called Ampad Shot Note is the key solution for this problem.


There are two steps involved in this innovation. First step is the Special Ampad Shot Note paper which you can order easily through, which in turn redirects you to buy in Amazon. Just spend around $6 to buy an Ampad Shot note writing pad or sketch pad or Spiral note book, now you are all set to play in your digitized world. Second step is all about your Esselte’s iPhone application called Ampad Shot Note. This application is easy to use and very quick to convert, save and share your hand written notes digitally.


This application digitizes everything written in the Ampad special paper. You can write your personal notes, memos, some ideas, poetry, Class notes, Technical specs, Art work, Design works, doodles, scribbles, and even sketches too. There is no restriction in what you can write on the Ampad special paper. Whatever you feel like writing, you can write over then and you can easily convert them to digital format and share them worldwide. This application has a very cool interface which allows you to edit notes taken or saved in other third party application or tools like Evernote or Dropbox, etc. You can edit any notes which is already taken in other iphone application using this application as it integrates all notes together.


The operation of this application is very simple, all you need to do is nothing but taking a photography of that scribbles written in Ampad special paper with the help of camera integrated feature in this application. You can merge as much as accounts you have in any other third-party websites like Dropbox or Evernote, etc. You can configure an email address to this application and even you have option to save the images taken in this phone to your camera roll automatically. You can organize the notes by adding some tags to each notes or you can set up default tag to the application. Also you have option to organize the notes by title order or you can sort with date.


Find option in this application is a key feature and it helps you to locate a particular notes from a list. This application also has an info section where they described about how easily you can use this application. On the whole this application is quiet handy and easy to convert all your handwritten notes to digital format with in a fraction of few seconds. If you have an iPhone you are all set to try this application for free of cost and its worth trying with Ampad Shot Note special writing pads.

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