Most climbing games aren’t that much fun, which accounts for them not being so popular. But none can match the level of Jetpack jinx, a game that is immense fun and superbly smooth. It has excellent graphics, great elements and the simplest of the controls that you will find in all of the climbing games till date.


When you start off with the game, you might get the impression that Jetpack Jinx is just another of the many in the genre with a few additions. While it does have something in common with the upcoming ones such as Doodle Jump, the number of features that distinguish this game from the usual far outnumber the similarities.


The concept of the game is very unique. You are an alien, named Jinx, possessing a jetpack, who has just crashed from another planet and begins with ground level on a weird foreign planet, making your way upwards in order to seek your lost ship. Your boss is still unaware that you are not on your mother ship anymore. As you need to keep your flight going, you collect coins and other things on your way. And here’s the surprise- you can keep up your progress. As you keep flying, there are many new levels and platforms that you will unlock and also collect items that will come in handy later during the game. There could not have been a way to make the game more interesting than to keep rewarding the players constantly.

Jetpack Jinx is compatible with all iOS devices with iOS 4.3 or later. It looks lovely on both the iPad and the iPhone. The graphics have a set of unique cartoon-like characters which will sure take your fancy. The controls are the simplest in the entire world. To play this game, you need to keep tilting your device from side-to-side. While this might sound pretty basic, doing just this at a high speed can be quite a challenge. The background music and the sounds add to the fun factor to a large extent. The many diverse and rich items, along with the complexity of this graphic world are surely very enjoyable. The developers, Bubblegum interactive, have indeed done a splendid job on the game and have truly put in some thought and value into it.


What makes Jetpack Jinx irresistible is that it is available for download on the App Store for free. there’s nothing that you have to lose to play this fantastic game. There is the option of putting in some real money to buy items and special additions during the game in the app, but the need for this is hardly pressing.

The game itself is highly exciting and very addictive. The huge number of mystery items and loads of bonuses for you along your way make the game sure worth playing. There are no advertisements either to spoil the fun. The latest update brings to you many funny and cool animations. There are new bandanas for your characters, along with super jetpack boosts and amazing goggles.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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