The Man’s Zen is a unique and intriguing app that defies most conventional logic. There are no buttons to push and there are no birds or sheep flying the screen. This is not an app that is focusing on any specific genre. In actuality The Man’s Zen has created it’s own offbeat genre by being one of the first apps to bring video to the forefront of the app experience. While most joke apps focus on written jokes and or links to youtube videos, The Man’s Zen is a self-contained video experience that takes the classic Magic Eightball concept to a whole new level of fun.

Like the Magic Eightball there are no buttons to push or things to slide. You simply shake the phone/crystal ball and a random word appears through a smoky haze. The word slowly vanishes and you are whisked away into the crystal ball and the world of “The Man” where he shares his Zen-like wisdom. The Man expresses his opinion on a wide range of topics from strippers to movies to life’s little mysteries. These stream of consciousness conjectures are sometimes wise and straight to the point. At other times they are bafflingly vague and or mysterious. This man’s man seems to have collected knowledge and experiences that it has taken others a lifetime to acquire. At other times it feels as though a thirteen-year-old boy might be giving the advice. That is just a small part of this mysterious adventure.

The Man’s “logic” is hit or miss but the hits frequently overwhelm the misses. If a joke doesn’t work for you just simply give your phone a shake and you’re on to the next word. You’re bound to be entertained sooner or later. This free app might not be for everybody but it’s definitely worth giving a try.