When it comes to games, most tend to fall into fairly rigid categories- arcade games, first person shooter, time management games, card-based games to mention but a few. Once in a rare while, a gem appears that seamlessly merges separate genres, and one such is Happy & Smile: City of fighting. This app, to be released in the US and Europe in 2017 on the iOS and AOS platforms, manages to combine the classic sequential action of arcade games with the strategic thinking involved in card play games. An additional adrenalin booster is incorporated in form of timed levels, boosting the overall excitement of the game.

The premise of the game is simple. A player, represented as a hero, is required to beat up rogues in order to advance from chapter to chapter. Each level is timed, with the hero required to defeat a specific number of rogues within the given time before advancing to the next chapter. Every hero has specific strengths, and as the player advances through the game, the skill-set possessed by the hero is upgraded. As the player advances through the levels, there are cards available to build up his arsenal. Such cards may take the form of various weapons, vehicles or even other players. The hero must strategically build up a deck that maximizes his fighting capabilities while at the same time employing good judgement in summoning cards from the deck when needful situations arise. The abilities endowed by each card are different, and the player must decide which cards will best serve his desired fighting strategy.

The simple premise of the game- beating up enemies- is a clear attraction to different demographics, and the use of cartoon characters will make it attractive to players of all ages. Players will definitely enjoy the combination of independent play as they advance through the chapter as well as the cooperative aspect involved in summoning other players via cards within their decks. The dynamic nature of the hero is also a plus for the player, with the hero’s abilities growing as the player advances through the levels. The player is thus provided with the opportunity to explore not just new levels from chapter to chapter, but new abilities as the character of the hero develops with every challenge.

The interface of the game has been professionally designed to ensure ease of play, pointing to the clear dedication to user experience involved in the design process. The game is optimized to mobile devices, easily allowing one to play on smart devices by touching and swiping. With both iOS and AOS versions upcoming, the game should be accessible to majority of mobile device owners, creating the prospect of an entire ecosystem built around Happy & Smile: City of fighting. The game can be accessed offline, which will be a definite plus for players wishing to access the game while away from internet connectivity.

This will be one to watch out for as its release date on the app store draws near. And one can definitely look to the HappyRabbitShow independent studio to provide more excitement with upcoming releases.