Where is Kent? Who is Kent? As the leader and commander of a special task force formed by the government you must go out and search for Kent. Kent is a subject for highly secret military bio-weapon experiment. One day he managed to escape from our research facility. The said escape brought an enormous outbreak of brain eating, slow walking zombies. The government was able to form a special task force for you to lead called Undead Special Force (USTF). The main objective of this task force is to search and catch this subject alive. You must return Kent back to the research facility. Doing so would be hard as these zombies will be on the way to slow you down. You are entitled of a mission not just to catch Kent but also to kill all zombies along the way, the future of all human beings and the entire planet lies in your own two hands. This is the main plot of the game that was created by a single person who solely developed this gaming app.

A brand new zombie theme game that will give its players a movie like game play as you look for Kent at the game. This also involves unlocking different achievements from reaching and unlocking certain features as well as beating other levels. Arc Game Studio is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of their Extraordinary New Puzzle Game App. This game is an innovation of a gamers’ common and regular puzzle solving game. It built with a beautifully enhanced graphics and is equipped with a unique puzzle game experience that every gamer of all ages will love. Zombie themed games have been around for years already. It has been a staple on all mobile gamers’ devices. Not only that zombie themed games offer them chills and thrills as they play it but these games also give them an excellent entertaining value. A lot of zombie themed game plays run around a goal of killing the zombies to save mankind. You will be given different types of armory and highly destructive military weapons to accomplish the task. Some games even gave you farm fresh vegetables to decapitate a zombie that is trying to enter your lawn. These types of games have been around for so long it brings gamers repetitive experiences then bores them afterwards.

Arc games studios developed Zombie Sweeper with all of those things in his head. Zombie Sweeper is made with over 40 different zombies to kill with 9 big badass zombie bosses to defeat. It is also equipped with more than 250 puzzle stages to play on. The challenge does not only revolve into killing this zombies and finding Kent it also give you a tougher challenge of sweeping the mines around the area as you proceed on killing zombies. Playing along its puzzle stages, the gamers will also encounter civilians that needs rescue from the zombie out break before they become contaminated. This is a multiplayer game that will allow its players to compete with their friends. Though multiplayer, Zombie sweeper will not require any internet connections while you are playing it, making it available anytime. The game is easy to start but gives the players a hard time to stop playing because of its action packed gaming experience as the level gets harder and harder. Zombie sweeper will be coming soon to the App Store by the third quarter of the year.