A brilliant way to track your activity whole day. there is huge enslavement to social media nowadays. The social media in real is making us antisocial. You can know the person in sitting thousands of miles, you can get to talk to people from different states, country, culture etc. But people does not realize talking over chats and talking in real life is poles apart. In exam you cannot use abbreviations , in an interview you should be quick in giving responses without getting offline in between. If you wanna become a writer or express your feelings standing on a podium you need correct mixture of words as your emoticons won’t be available there.

Remarkable Features:

1. There is pictorial representation about the time used on mobile by you versus others using the app. And you will be benchmarked against other user after completion of your challenge. This is essential to check your sense of commitment and self control over other users.

2. You get information about your duration of usage along with how many times the particular app was used.

3. The app that you use the most and frequently access gets on top of the list. Next time you open that particular app you will be cautious enough to use it for a stipulated amount of time.

4. Charts for app usage along with duration for which app was used and time at which it was opened is shown. Charts for number of apps opened with duration and time of day is shown. Charts for number of times phone was unlocked with time of day versus number of times is shown.All these features can help us to change our life around.You can check when do you open your whatsapp, instagram, facebook, snapchat the most is it when you really have something urgent to talk to or when you are feeling stressed out, unhappy, nostalgic or when you feel left alone.

5.Blocking the app your way, set time and day at which you want a particular app to be blocked.And this action is absolutely non changeable. For e.g If you want the tempting yet time wasting games and avoid chatting with your friends during your study time. You can block the app for that particular duration. Or if you are preparing for a presentation at office and don’t want any friday and saturday night plans to lure you, block your whatsapp, facebook and everything by which you think you can be dragged into it.

By using this app for more than 2 weeks, trust me it has helped my concentration power to increase manifolds.
Everything comes with cons:1.Once I blocked my whatsapp, facebook, instagram as i had an important assignment to finish. Still my friend called me on my mobile. I cannot block whole calling app as my family might need to talk to me sometimes. So instead of blocking whole calling app provide phone number blocking for certain duration.2. Provide some good quotes related to how we can live a healthy life by not using social networking sites and when we have shown a tremendous control over ourselves , like a perk.3. Make a pie chart to show how much time we spent online. Where whole pie chart will represent 24 hours. Also a pie chart to show app usage each day and end of a challenge.

By all the data shown statistically we know where and when we are putting our time. We can utilize the same time in learning a new skills, or doing something we actually love. Each day even if you are able to add 30 minutes to your personal life, you will soon be independent and will be happy to live actually while others post or like something about living like so and so on facebook.

You can follow your study time table without getting distracted. And instead of glancing on your book or copying your homework , you actually have time to think about the theories and analyze problem.
Yes being social is good. But be social to the person in your immediate surrounding will help you to have good communication skills along with quality observance.

You have potential which can be discovered only when you try different things. And in this era making time for yourself is quite difficult so don’t waste on something which gives temporary pleasure.Be productive.

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