Social media has certainly become popular during the last two decades. Social media was once an experiment in communication and later evolved into platforms that figured how much personal data people would feed to the digital platforms. Social media remains to be a huge part of people’s lives every day. When you have a necessity to reach a large audience, social media is a great source of tool. There are millions of people on the internet platform making it a good opportunity for you to reach leads. Through social media you get to have a direct connection with your audience. When you get to know them personally, you also get to serve them better and gain valuable insights into how people regard you.

Mostly to the general public, social media has a reputation as a time sink. But in the business world, it gives the transparent nature between customers and brands. If you wish to know what a particular brand is doing or how well it is doing and what consumers complain about it, you can check it all out in the open. Social conversations are a great way for any social events that provoke people to join together for any social cause like global warming or other silent protests. It also helps you to have a power over your competitors and analyze their stand in the market.

How the app works:

Download and install the ‘Yooul’ app on to your mobile and smart devices. Yooul is an online platform where you can chat limitlessly without any barrier to language. When you type something in your native language to another person around the globe, the app converts it into the user’s language.

This allows members from all across the globe to express their opinion.

Features of the app:

  • Language conversion
  • Chat rooms

Compatible with: