Goal defense iOS app is a great tower defense game. You will be competing not against weak opponents but against athletes from a variety of the Olympic sports such as skiing, football, baseball, bowling and many more. It might look cute and easy but all those have played it have rated it to be very challenging and neither can this be denied from my own personal experience. This variant of the game is zany and fun as you get to the goal of the trophy, while stopping a huge number of players. Test your skills, strategy and your speed with this app as you try your best to defend your goal from these superb athletes. Have you got enough in you to accomplish this goal?

This game is highly addicting and challenging too. The cool theme, when put together with the bonus weapons and the awesome sportspersons, makes this app game simply amazing and worth a try. There are 40 levels for you to test your abilities in terms of tactics, speed and skill. The characters have been mad hilarious, having been animated in the spirit of the traditional comics. All you have to do is outwit the empty skulls of your enemies and earn the many ‘use and confuse’ bonuses. The scenery has been done in extreme detail to make it stunning for you that you may get a complete experience.

As a player, you begin with a given amount of cash that you can spend to prevent your opponents from making it to the winning trophy. There are many tools like the shot putter and pitcher to help you gain control over your enemies. As you complete each level, you get to a new athlete from among the 6 different ones available. There is also the option of unlocking them beforehand in the form of gems. As you complete each level, you get certain bonuses which add to your ammunition and can be purchased with gems if you have got nay with you.

The animations and graphics are so much fun that almost anyone will like them for sure. While the athletes await their turn to attack the field, they do different kinds of things to keep you entertained. However, as the game is so highly challenging, you might feel like spending actual money on buying the gems, which is not required at all. The game is indeed quite difficult. If you wish o improve your defense skills, then this game is all you need.

Goal Defense is the latest app by Dynamic Pixels, which adds humor to the usual tower defense games for you to enjoy thoroughly. There is a time limit, which is indicated with a stopwatch at one corner. You have the great experience of protecting the glorious trophy from evil and bad skippers. As the levels go higher, so do the enemies get harder to brave. You have to learn to manage your currency and plan ahead well in advance if you want to win this game. It is not easy at all if you thought you would just have some fun and are not ready to rack your brains.

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