Children love drawing, painting, coloring and using colors. It is essential that they learn to play with colors at an early age to develop a better understanding of them. And doing this with fun, combining both education and giving the child the freedom to draw as per his choice is all a kid needs to switch on the creative side of him. Exploring the creativity of little children teaches you so much as a parent or a guide and the children have their share of fun at the same time too.

Now, you can do all of this with Mix 2 Color iPad app. Develop the unique creative skills of your child, while teaching him how to mix colors in different ways too. You just need to trigger off those creative and imaginative cells in a child and you shall see them create wonders and pieces worth admiration in no time. This app has two different modes- “Color a picture” and “Draw a picture”.

In the “Color a picture” mode, you have 18 pictures of various kinds to choose from. Using 15 varied colors, your child has to color these pictures, but the twist is that only five of them are provided in the direct form. Your child hence has to mix five basic colors- white, blue, black, red and yellow- to form different colors and then has to fill them in. They have to mix these 5 main colors to form 10 more colors that they are asked for. How better can you teach your child to mix colors?

In the “Draw a picture” made, you just unleash the creativity of your child and let him glide across the screen to draw just anything that he likes. With a range of 12 colors, 3 different types of brushes, a sponge to correct errors and 11 stamps that are funny and cute, and your child can do anything of his choice, without being restricted in just any way.

It is a fact that children have a very short attention span and tend to lose interest very quickly. To keep your child interested for longer, there are awesome sound effects and joyful music. This will help your child stay focused and keep them from losing interest fast. Also, this game has been designed to serve your child with an intuitive interface that helps your child understand this game really quickly.

This app is also available in 15 different languages so that you can choose a language that your child is comfortable with and comprehends well. The pictures are really adorable and are sure to be loved by your child. He is sure to enjoy mixing different colors, forming new ones and exploring the beautiful bright and jovial world of colors. At the same time, you get the benefits of education with fun and also keep your child engaged in an activity that he will definitely love to do. It is a paid app, available at $2.99 and has a compatibility with the iPad on iOS v4.0 or later. Give your child a fun and creative learning experience with the Mix 2 Color app.

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