If you have a creative streak in you and are interested in animation, then Animation Desk gives you all the tools to bring out your creative genius. Animation making is a great way to develop one’s imagination. Using the frame manager which is highly intuitive, drawing tools that are handy, dynamic backgrounds and guides in the form of how-to’s and tutorials, it is a very easy task for just anyone to unleash and transform their brilliant creative ideas into lovely animations. If you wish to work with friends, then you can collaborate via file transfer so that the fun is not limited to you alone.

The interface for drawing that has been created by Animation Desk simulates a natural and real life working environment for an animator, allowing you to create your animations using a desk that has been specially designed to suit your needs. Working this app is a lot of fun and is very easy too. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, you will enjoy the experience of animation with this iPhone app for sure.

The drawing environment created by this app is highly inspiring and intuitive. As a user, you can build animations that are hand drawn especially by you. To make your own unique animations has been made simplified to the most basic and enjoyable level by Animation Desk so as to enhance and enrich the experience of animation for just everyone. There are numerous tools that you can experiment with and use to make original animations right off your mind, that too without spending too much time.

Once you have created an animation, you have the option to share it with family and friends via Facebook or even upload it on YouTube. And to provide a more complete experience, you can add audio effects too that will add a spiced touch to your works. Transferring your works between devices is also very simple with this app so that you have the freedom to enjoy your animations anywhere and at any time you like.

All you have to do is sketch on the screen using your fingers and make this drawing animated with a few simple and easy steps. You can build your own fantasy land that you shall enjoy to the fullest. With the gorgeous and user-friendly interface, creating animations has been made very realistic for everyone. You can also express your personal opinions about the works of other users via Anizone through sharing and watching animations.

The Second Annual Competition of Animation Desk

Animation Desk is staging its Second Annual Competition, encouraging users of all levels to display their creative talents. You too can be an ‘Animagician’ using the magic of Animation Desk. This competition is on for 2 months up to October 24th, 2012 and anyone who has an interest in animations making can take part in it. Also, Kdan Mobile is providing Animation Desk for iPhone for free for a limited period of time between 30th August and 3rd September so as to give its users a chance to explore this animation software.

Its Time to Participate in  The Second Annual Competition of Animation Desk

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