We’ve all been there – the awkward moment when you meet somebody only to forget their name moments later. Whether you’re on a date, talking to a client or saying hi to somebody in the street, forgetting a name gives us an unforgettable feeling of shame.

Name Skillz, available to download on iOS and Google Play, is here to make sure that never happens again. Exactly what the name suggests, the app aims to give you next-level name remembering skills through a simple 3 step process developed by genuine memory experts.

You first learn the technique of associating a picture with a name – kind of like the way you remember long lists by visualizing yourself walking through a house. After that you’ll apply the technique and learn over 200 of the most common names in the US. Once you’ve mastered that, it’s game time. Using groups – from 5 to 50 – of virtual people, you’ll apply your new name skills and test your ability to recall names.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be well on your way to climb through the ranks from name novice to memory master.

Name Skillz is the app you never knew you needed. If you want to avoid awkward social situations & become better at remembering names, pick up the app now on iOS and Google Play.