All the great ideas and concepts evolve just as a small thought, but not many people will make note of that little thought immediately and we end to lose the details after a point of time. We may not be having required materials such as a pen handy, when we conceptualize an idea. Just imagine how good it would be if we can note down all our ideas and small thoughts in a form which is more expressive and can be improvised at the same instant without undergoing much effort the instant it pops out of your head?

Great architects and entrepreneurs are those people who have gained so many accolades by executing their ideas in this way. At this age where mobile phones and tablets are constant companions for most of us, it will really be very easy and convenient if we have an option to quickly note down ideas on these devices. Developed and launched by Yang Li, Sketch Storm is one such app available for  iPad users.

Sketch Storm is a very useful app that helps you to bring out your ideas, note down your little inspirations, quotes and many such things that may serve as the way forward before you start painting your big picture. Many times people generally get deviated from their track when they concentrate too much on unnecessary details. Sketch Storm helps users to express their ideas and concepts in the most simple and fast way.


  • This app has extremely fast response on access.
  • The Map and GPS features help you to keep track of the place where you found your inspiration from.
  • The concepts and ideas can be quickly captured through this app in an effective way.
  • You can also share your ideas through Facebook very easily.
  • The drawing portion of the sketch can be easily exported in image and PDF file format.
  • The unique feature of this app lets you to play with colors; it has an amazing Retro Designer Color Palette.
  • You can also draw inspiration from your photographs in your albums, they can be easily manipulated and you can also create many variations of the same.
  • The ‘Unlimited Undo’ option in the app allows you to improvise your ideas.
  • The app also has the instant camera function which will help you to capture your scene or the targeted portrait.
  • The Square Paper Grid option in the app helps you to achieve preciseness in the drawing.


Sketch Storm is a very useful app for creative people to explore the unexplored territory and helps in transforming their ideas into great concepts. This app is especially useful for Architects, Entrepreneurs, Interior Designers, Historical Preservationist, Creative thinkers, Urban Planners, Graffiti Designers, Dreamers, Visual Artists and many more. All the goodness of this app is offered for just $ 0.99, so download this app and start having fun.

Good – The easy handling of the app is the greatest advantage, where all large ideas can be expressed effectively.

Bad – You will not be able to export the markings and what you write on your drawing; the drawing part alone will be exported in PDF’s and image files.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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