ft178FreshTeam is a group oriented communication app that allows the group of users to interact seamlessly using the app. The app enables users to see other members belonging in the same group or team and enables one to call text and carry out other additional functions within the framework of the team.

One of the things that make this iPhone app unique and amazing is the fact that users only need a password to connect and access the service as opposed to using a phone number. This serves to enhance the overall security of users since one cannot easily access your personal information. The overall socialization experience of this service is enhanced by the fact that FreshTeam enables members to easily track down each other and the app can even give information regarding the physical location of members. This is indeed a great functionality since it enables users to easily set up business or social meetings. Of course security is of great concern when it comes to information sharing such as sharing of information regarding the physical location of users. In this regard, the iPhone app has a feature that enables users to control who can access their location information. This enables users to only allow trusted team members to access information about their physical location.

Like many other amazing apps, FreshTeam is a subscription based service but at $9.99 per month, the fee is indeed quite affordable for many iPhone users. For such an affordable monthly subscription, team members are able to make unlimited calls to other members belonging in their group, send text messages to other group members, get information regarding the physical location and hence availability of other group members and access a range of other services that serve to enhance the overall social experience of users. New users are accorded an opportunity to a free 30 day trial period and upon the expiry of this period, users will then be required to pay the monthly service fee. Like most other iPhone apps, FreshTeam is an auto-renewal service thus sparing users the trouble and time that would have been spent on renewing the service in a manual fashion. Users can also opt to turn off the auto-renewal function thereby allowing them to have a greater control of when to use the service. This can be done through the settings menu on the iTunes account.

In addition to its effectiveness as a social media tool, the FreshTeam app can also be effectively deployed as a business solutions tool. The app can be used as a business conferencing tool whereby members belonging to a business organization form a group and use the app for holding virtual business conferences. The high definition sound of the app makes it an effective teleconferencing tool that can be used by business partners on the go. In addition to sound based teleconferencing, the app can also allow users to have one-on-one video calls with other group members thereby and this is both a convenient and secure means of communication especially when it comes to business oriented communication.

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