Mother always asks me to keep the stuff in my room sorted out neatly and cleanly so that I can find things easily when I need them. Although that’s my headache to find my lost stuff, but it takes a different direction when I start irritating her for having mistakenly placed it somewhere else when I know she didn’t. Actually, that’s not completely my fault. Sorting out all the stuff is very difficult after all. The closet is like a secret room and no one knows what’s inside. Only after you start removing the first few layers of t-shirts, socks and miscellaneous stuff that the closet finally starts revealing what’s hidden behind. There you find your favourite jean that’s lost from years and there are many such gems that were locked inside the wooden ores. Wouldn’t it have been better if you could sort it all out with just a finger of yours? Would it have been easy? Let’s find out!


I am talking about the latest iOS app Sort It – Sorting game that has been developed by Frenzy Cat Ltd. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 6.0 or any later version of the OS. This app has also been optimized for iPhone 5.


Sort It is a very addictive puzzle game and it was never so much fun sorting out things. Here, you have to deliver the packages into the four chutes placed at the four corners of the screen. The criterion of sorting is based on the colour of the packages. It’s easy, isn’t it? But once the packages start flooding the screen and your fingers fail to deliver at the right time, you start feeling the enormous pressure this game is bound to exert upon your shoulders, or should I say fingers! Soon you might hear a warning of “Overload” by the postmaster and you’ll be given a 5 seconds deadline to clear the stack of 25 packages that you have on the board and if you fail to do so, the game’s over.

Apart from the quickly arriving packages, there’s another serious issue that you need to counter. Among these packages, there are some randomly placed bombs and if you mistakenly send them to a chute, they’ll self-explode after 5 seconds and all your packages will be dropped to the wrong chutes. Three such mistakes will take your life. So take care!


If you continue placing the packages in the right coloured chutes, you will get additional points for the long streak and if you find a rainbow coloured package, tapping it will turn the ‘frenzy’ mode, allowing you to sort out any coloured package into its corresponding chute. There are some additional upgrades of revive and clean sweep to help you clean up the mess and you can buy them via in-app purchases.

As the game is full of coloured packages, you’re always in for a visual treat. There are 15 different coloured packages and chutes which keep on changing between games. The graphics are bright, sharp and vibrant adding to your delight.

All I can say is that you must download this game today. It’s a fun-addictive game and is available for free in the App Store.

Pros: colourful 3D graphics; many different upgrades; addictive gameplay; beautiful music; free.

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Worth Having Application –  Download the App