Learn and Play Languages, an app developed by CoolForest Publishing, is a simple language learning app ideal for travelers. While it does require payment for more advanced phrases, basics such as greetings, directions, and money terms are offered without charge. Unlike some other language programs, Learn and Play languages offers enough that a traveler who wants to be able to communicate necessities in a foreign country will find even the free app very useful.


As free language learning apps go, Learn and Play Languages can certainly be counted among the best. It’s simple, user friendly interface means there’s no fighting with the settings,and its approach to teaching is straightforward and effective.

The structure of Learn and Play Languages is simple. Regardless of the language chosen for learning, users open a menu that offers four Quickstart options. Each of these menus offers seven sets of four words or phrases to learn. The program presents a picture that is associated with each word, and reads them aloud, also providing spelling and phonetics at the bottom of the screen.


From the initial word set, a user can then open a menu of quizzes. The first available quiz is simple repetition, matching each spoken word to its picture and meaning. On subsequent attempts, the pictures will rearrange themselves after each question, ensuring that the user must memorize the words rather than the locations of the associated images.

After the first quiz is taken, a timed quiz is unlocked. This quiz can be taken multiple times, giving the user opportunities to beat their own high score each time. Bronze, silver, and gold medals are awarded for certain time sets.


Finally, the user may take a quiz which offers multiple types of questions and answers. It offers options such as choosing the correct image from a set of two, deciding whether a word matches a presented picture, and choosing the correct word from a list for an offered image.

When a user has gone through all seven sets of words in a given Quickstart menu and completed each set of tests, the app offers a section quiz which covers the twenty eight words and phrases given in the list. This quiz, when completed, unlocks a balloon game that makes the app true to its name. The quizzes do have an element of play to them, but the final game is what really makes Learn and Play Languages fun.

Learn and Play Languages offers thirteen different languages free: Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Thai, Cantonese, Arabic, Portuguese, Vietnamese, and Malay. It also offers instructions in multiple languages, allowing users who don’t speak English as a first language to learn as well.

Like all phone learning apps, Learn and Play Languages offers the distinct advantage of being portable, meaning it’s always there for a little reminder in a moment of downtime. This ability to use the app whenever and wherever convenient makes learning easy, and the competitive structure of the app keeps users coming back.

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