In this fast-moving world, growing our circle is a must. It can be like forming a friendship group or getting the love we need for a lifetime, there are many apps for that. Given by New Technologies LP, promenad is a dating app that allows users to identify friends and like-minded people from all over the world. It helps you serve several purposes like travelling, networking, sports, etc.

Promenad is completely free for usage and it allows you to simply register, complete your profile and find out the different possibilities you have with this free dating and communication app. Just click on the ‘Start Dating’ icon and choose the option to log in with your phone number or Facebook id. With the various functions available on Promenad, you will be able to date faster as you can come in contact with the most suitable people much easier than in any other dating site.

Promenad allows you to find nearby people and users can choose the safest and popular places for dating and meeting in real life. With this app, users can evaluate the options they have for their favourite places to visit with other users. Using the distance filter feature of the app, users can get to know the distance between them and the people who are nearby right away and meet them in person. Not just dating, using promenad users can play sports, travel together, join events and do much more. The app uses Leaves which are the Promenad in-app currency that allows you to like other profiles where one leaf is the price of one like.

Promenad lets users report any abusive behaviour by offending the user’s profile or via your messages. From their profile, you can scroll down and press the report user button. Later, you must select the reason and describe what happened. You can also stop the user from seeing you by pressing the Hide icon also. There is also an option to blacklist a user, where you can block a user by pressing the message icon in the upper right corner and then by clicking ‘Add to Blacklist’. This helps you to stop that person from messaging you. This ensures that you use the app giving utmost priority to your safety,

The app is suitable for all those who are above 17 years of age. When you have any queries, you can contact the team on and get them answered. Promenad – Dating, Chat, Meets Requires Android 5.0 and above versions or iOS 12.0 or later versions. It comes with in-app purchases that have 20 leaves for $9.99, 50 leaves for $19.99 and 100 leaves for $29.99.

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