Popping balls has been determined to be a scientific healthy activity. With the onset of summer and leaving many of us struck at home, we haven’t got much to do anyway. Bursting balls is an excellent way to blow of some steam and an amazing tool to enhance language and speech development. By bursting a bubble or in this case, a lot of bubbles, you can easily gain the attention of a little child. This also provides a lot of opportunities for adults and children to bond. Since bubbles are engaging, they give your children a chance to communicate with you.

‘Tikrun Pop Run’ is a mobile app that promotes bursting a lot of balls. This app is a dream come true for people who love bursting bubbles. Enjoy the satisfaction of bursting bubbles by hitting them with balls from any direction.

Developed by:

Tikrun Pop Run’ is developed and provided by ‘Tofayou Inc.’.

How the app works:

Download and install the ‘Tikrun Pop Run’ and launch the app on your mobile phone. Start the game and begin exciting levels of bursting balls. Use the phone’s motion controls to tilt your phone and burst the balls. Use these controls to control the motion of the balls in your phone to steer in any direction. Move the balls across the boundaries and burst all the balls while steering clear of the obstacles. Act fast before you run out of time.

Features of the app:

Tikrun Pop Run’ has many exciting features. Some of these traits are listed down here.

  • Simple and user friendly UI/UX
  • Attractive game play and layout
  • Challenging game levels as you progress
  • Smooth screen tilting motion
  • Blast as many balls and have fun

Compatible with:

Tikrun Pop Run’ is compatible with all iOS devices