Nothing will scare off the potential customers more than a messy signature. To gain credibility every message which you send has to branded that is the perfect opportunity to gain trust worthy customers . It establishes and reinforces who you are as a company. Siggy contacts less mail sign will provide concise, well-structured, and nicely designedsignature to create a good outlook for your organization. Increases brand awareness, The professional look of your emails, Marketing personalization, Quick access to your contact details, Social proof, A robust promotion tool, Traffic generation, Higher response rate, Better targeting, Cost-effectiveness so it’s proven that the email contactless signature has the Huge Benefit for the Marketing and Sales Perspective to promote your brand.

Siggy app is applicable and useful for following postal products

• Certified Letters

• Express Mail

• Certified Envelops

• Packages with Signature Requirements

Kick off your conversations with email signature

Pre Set Sign and Information

The mailman’s scanner app allows you to upload, save your signature, printed name and address so you can do contactless confirmation and the added advantage is its saves time and energy and  also manages and keeps a track of your mail through the apps Access History feature.

Save time & Energy in the busy world

It is a mere waste of time and energy to do repetitive actions very often in the mail confirmation here we go with the solution of siggy! The only app which saves your time and energy and use presigned information and let your mailman scan in seconds without any hassles and tedious methods.

How does siggy work?

Sign in with your information to provide it to the mailman’s scanner in no time. Just set your information once you sign in. Save your Esign along with name and address. Information entered in the app becomes a digital replica of the postal form 3849. Your information is accessible by mailman’s scanner device in one tap.

Big Relief for Receptionists

Businesses can benefit from this innovative tech app. Businesses receive tons of mails requiring signatures. Preset mail confirmation information can reduce the work for receptionists.

Keep Track of Mail Receipt

Besides convenience, the app keeps track of all the data and usage. You can view the entries in the access history tab for any clarifications.

Use Siggy up to four times free of charge! Later upgrade to Siggy Pro for Unlimited Access to its features.

 Compatibility :

Requires iOS 11.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


As you can see now, there is no need for you to separate business correspondence from a company’s marketing and sales activities. You can combine them all by utilizing your and your employees’ corporate email signatures. Add some comfort in your life and provide your signature, printed name, and address without having to physically write on the mail carrier’s scanner. Download the problem solver app Siggy – Your Signature is Ready!