If you love to go for adventurous trips and hang around with your friends, then we have something very interesting for you where you can showcase your ‘wild side’ to the world. Sitting at home is quite boring. Then why not to take a little break from this busy schedule and do some crazy stuff. It may be to engage with a group of dancers and perform a live hip-hop concert on the street. And what’s better when the idea is brought by Red bull itself.

Red Bull Mission Control is an IOS app that has been developed by the company, Red Bull itself for self promotion as well as a gift for its fans. It is compatible with both I phone and I pad and requires IOS 5.0 version or later. It is a real-world location based social app that provides you with some missions and as an agent, you have to complete them in the shortest span of time possible. The earlier you complete the task, more the no. of points you will get and higher will be your rank among your competitors.

You will be asked to login to your Facebook account to verify your identity at the start of the game. The game has 10 different levels. You start from level 1 where some simple missions like taking a caption of your headquarters which is your home with your device. As you get enough points, higher levels will get unlocked. So basically, you have to post your pictures of completing the mission and you are through. The ranking system is weekly i.e. new ranking table is being listed each week. So, you get enough chances to reach the top.

The graphics of the game are very rich colored and the structure of the dashboard is well designed. The user interface is very intuitive and engaging. The concept of the game is what puts it on the top of the crowd. It is no doubt that everyone loves hanging out to complete a secret mission. Also, in spite of being a mobile app, it still encourages physical activity which is a quite big concern these days. On the other side, as you will share more and more posts with photos on your Facebook timeline, more will be the discussion and the social activity. So, it covers all the aspects and satisfies all.

But being a location based app, for now it is only available in US and UK. That restricts most of the user section. However, that’s the only negative side we found for the app. There are badges being given to you on completing different missions. Also, the app is free of cost but if there would have been a price tag, there still wouldn’t have been much difference on the user response. We really enjoyed the game and being an agent, it’s just simply awesome!

PROS – Good concept, rich graphics, well designed.

CONS – Available only in US and UK due to location dependence.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

Download Link :   Download the App Here