Games are always an attraction to people in general, irrespective of their ages. Bird games have gained a lot of popularity due to the fact that they are interesting and fun. When most of us are still stuck with the Angry Birds game and their innumerable update versions, it is time to try out something refreshing and challenging. Fly Bird Free is a new bird game which has been introduced for the Android users. Available in the Google Play website, this game has been developed and launched by GAMEZEN Company. Fly Bird Free is a very interesting puzzle adventure game in which the users can have fun with cute little birds and not the angry ones.


In  Fly Bird Free app the game is set up in an orchard backdrop where you can find cute little pigs and other creatures. Soon after, the area gets mobbed by a large gang of crabby birds. These birds will try to steal the food that is kept for the cute little pigs and their younger ones. The players have to stop these crabby birds from stealing the pig food. They can do this by driving away these birds, but hold on you can’t drive them one by one.

The players can drive away the birds from the branches when they are paired into a group of 4 and the other important thing is that all the birds should be of the same type. While the players play this game they can find out a lot of hidden items which can be either be a treasure or some very startling thing such as explosive bombs. It is very essential that the players are on the alert at all times. The players can increase their score by trying to find out the hidden items. You can make the birds fly by just tapping on the screen and marking them and then steering them away from the food source. The graphics and the animation in the app are of very high quality which the users can experience during their game.

The Fly Bird Free is a challenging arcade game which is available for the players in two different modes.

  • Classic –In this mode the players have to drive away the birds when they are in the branches. Users will be able to drive away only the same type of birds when they are grouped into a team of 4.  As you move up in the game you can see different types of birds.
  • Puzzle – Once the players are familiarized with the Classic version they can go into this challenging mode. There are various kinds of puzzles with different levels of difficulty in this mode.  When a player solves a puzzle, he or she will be able to unlock the next higher level.


The  Fly Bird Free is an addictive arcade game play and is a must have app in your phone. You can download this game for free from the android market and get started with the fun.

Good – The app is very simple and easy to operate.

Bad – The game may occasionally have some issues during loading.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

Download Link :   Download the App Here