Fat Jump Pro is an adventure arcade game compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 4.0 or later. Using the tilt controls the player must guide the jumping, little, green hero (a healthy and crispy cucumber) up a never ending series of platforms all while avoiding junk food and obtaining healthy snack bonus points and power ups. The more junk food that is consumed by the character the heavier he becomes and the less he can jump, while the healthy snacks shave off the extra pounds and lets him jump higher.  There are also golden coins that can be redeemed in the in-app store for upgrades, locked levels and accessories.

The main goal of the Fat Jump game as the player jumps higher and higher, with an endless supply of levels, is to consume fruits and veggies while avoiding tempting but fattening foods like cakes and cookies. This is an excellent game for all ages, especially for the younger players. It teaches the importance of healthy eating and discourages junk food consumption.

The overall jump-up concept of the game isn’t a new one. There are other games out there with the same concept such as Doodle Jump that even has the jump off the screen to the right and re-enter stage left feature. However the developers have managed to take a tired concept and remade it with sleek graphics, awesome music and sounds. When the player reaches a new high score, or unlocks numerous achievements, an awesome narrator voice informs the player. If the player wants to share their score on any social media networking site, the app allows for Full integration with Game Center, OpenFeint, Facebook and Twitter. There are both Online and Offline scoreboards.

Several other app review sites have rated the game a 4.5/5 rating. CazyMikesApps praises the developers SID On, but then again the developers are paid advertisers on that site. So after searching other app reviewing sites that the developers we not paid advertisers there was not a single bad review. AntyApps reviews the games as “a fine-tuned game.” Applemania says “Fat Jump is a reliable piece of the code” while Ecoappsfree believes that “With its cartoon graphics and colorful details make this game not only a joy to play, but also a pleasure to look at”.  On Yahoo games it rates 5/5 with DzejBi stating that it’s “very funny jumping game.”

The app downloads for .99¢ and, in the humble opinion of the writer of this article, is completely worth it. As soon as I downloaded that app I couldn’t put my iPod Touch down. It’s addictive! Not only have I gotten hooked but I have stopped using Doodle jump and other tilt jumping games. Fat Jump is a tad bit more difficult than other jump games but that just makes it all the more interesting and fun.  The game is a bit sensitive and the slightest jerk or unexpected movement could affect the player’s game.

The only thing I didn’t absolutely love was the cheesy game narrator voice that informs you the obvious: you reached a new High score and/or you unlocked a new achievement.  The tech support on this app is amazing! I emailed them and they responded in less than 1 hour. They have both a Facebook page and a twitter account, and are very attentive with their clients. Fat Jump takes up about 47.8MB of memory and is available at the iTunes App Store. This App is overall amazing and I give it a 4.8/5. Simply amazing! Feel free to check out their video trailer for more information at Youtube.

Apps400 Rating :  *  *  *  *

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