Whenever you want a way for your kids to learn their Math, you may seek to find a tutor when the going gets rough.  In fact, since the Clinton administration, the whole goal was to introduce eight graders to Algebra instead of making it optional.  When the results came in, transcript studies discovered that children, who learned their algebra earlier, have higher math skills.  One of the problems encountered is that children are forced to learn more advanced math without learning the basics well.  Without a good base, children who enroll in more advanced math courses tend to know less.

Popmath is one of those tools that come with technology to increase your child’s interest in math as well as anyone at any age.  The process is simple, you start at level one and you have various functions to solve on the screen of your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad.  Solving these functions requires mental skill as well as a quick eye in order to make things interesting.  Stimulating your child to play this game will enforce them to use their wits to solve problems and they will have no problem during school if they learn to dominate this application.

The process starts simple and you or your kids can choose what types of operations you want to perform.  First, you have Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division which is usually the default setting on the application.  This option can easily be chosen or changed once you open the application.  You can also choose to train your child on one operation at a time.  For example: if you want your child to only add, all you need to do is choose the “Plus” sign on your iPod, iPhone or iPad and start the game from level one.

Once your child learns the ropes, the game is automatically saved and he or she can either start from level one, or from where they have left off.  If you want them to multiply, you can easily manipulate which tables your child will be solving, so you should start by having them multiply by table of one, two and so on.  The game shows a lot of floating balloons, each with a certain function and the answer is provided on another floating balloon.  The answers are scattered across your screen and the goal is to match the problem with the solution provided.  Whenever you make a mistake, the sounds let you know and you will see the results once the game ends.

The game also tells you how many seconds it took to finish the level, making it fun to challenge your kids to beat their own score or to compete with their friends.  The results screen shows the option to advance to the next level or to practice the same level again until your kid has no mistakes.  The best way to have your child learning is through applications that make it look like a game, and math tends to be a universal language so any kid would clearly understand the game and what they need to do once you let them know.

As for the price tag, you may be surprised of how good this application can be for just ninety nine cents.  How many apps have you downloaded from the iTunes App Store that have no meaning to your child’s life?  This application will help them learn and/or keep up with their mental math easily and in a less stressful manner.  Parents have rated this application at five out of five stars, while an educator gave it three because kids were guessing how to do it.

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